Thursday : Lingering look at windows, week 30

Window box outside the Queen Victoria pub in Durham

Window box outside the Victoria pub in Durham

I seem to have my English appreciation society head on firmly this week so I’m staying with the theme for my lingering look at windows.  On Friday evening I was in the city of Durham as the sun set.  Now there’s a place to be!  Mind you, the company and the wine were wonderful too.

The sunset reflected beautifully for me in that last shot, then I was spellbound by the colours around the cathedral.

It was a good week for sunsets and I captured a couple in windows on our estate at home.

You can’t get more quintessentially English than the village of Lealholm in North Yorkshire.  Every Summer they organise a Duck Race, and hundrerds of yellow plastic ducks are tipped off the bridge into the River Esk to race for it!  They were selling tickets when I was there last week.

One of the pretty little village shops in Lealholm

One of the pretty little village shops in Lealholm

That’s my English round up for this week.  What do you think?  Let’s get out into our English countryside while this nice weather lasts.

Many thanks to Dawn at Lingering Visions for being our lovely hostess for this challenge.  Do you have some windows you’d like to share?  Just follow the link.


    1. Thank you so much! Our flowers are drooping their heads this morning after an overnight downpour, but they’ll soon lift them to the sun again. Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

  1. I love these window photos! Beautiful varieties, esp. the sunset captured on your estate at home, Jo. Those red and white boxes are Lovely.

    1. Very silly, isn’t it, but you have to celebrate the silly side of life. Interested to hear about Stockbridge. I wonder where the idea first came from and how many more there might be? I feel a spot of Googling coming on. 🙂

    1. D’you know, Ad, you get about almost as much as me? (big smile 🙂 )
      You’ve picked a great time to be in the UK. Enjoy Cornwall. I haven’t been there for years.

  2. Windows …. how exciting .. really – love windows too. From the outside in .. and inside out. My favorite is the sunset window … wonderful.

    1. Hello lovely! 🙂 We’ve had some spectacular sunsets this past week. Really captivating. I end up wandering the streets with my camera like a waif and stray.

      1. Same over here, we had a real SUMMER this year. Farmers are not that happy, too dry. And more summer to come. I love the evening lights … the golden hours. A while since I walked around with my camera – time again.

      2. I have some ironing to do … on the balcony tomorrow … I don’t feel that well – are in pain, life is a bitch at times. *smile

      3. Viveka, I’m sorry 😦 I just saw this because my son came home so I was cooking and now the washer’s going because he’s gone again tomorrow. I hope for a much better day for you tomorrow. 🙂

      4. Not much change … still in pain, have such problems to sit for a longer period of time … so that is why I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days.
        Thank you so much for your concern.

      5. I’m waiting for an examination – a colonoscopy and it’s not I’m worried over that .. it’s only that I’m worried that it can have something to do with my cancer.
        That is the worst bit.

      6. Of course. That can never be far from your mind, no matter that you have a sunny nature and charm the world. If love and friends could work the magic, Viveka, you would never have to worry about cancer again. Meantime, we’ll pray (and send hugs) 🙂

      7. Thank you so much, Jo …. of course it’s always there when my body are not behaving normally.
        Not that I constantly are thinking about it .. but if you have danced with demon once, the chance are always there that there will another dance.
        Time for start ironing … out on the balcony.
        Anohter glorious day.
        I send hugs back to you too ….

  3. Lovely windows Jo! Love those with the flowers pots on the windows. It always looks so romantic and colourful. Great shots hon! 😀 *hugs*

  4. Those are nice windows, and made of glasses. In my side of the world, it is very expensive to have glass windows.

    Love the display on the window of the village shop. It has a feel of a small town shop, which I always like to visit because most of time they have interesting pieces.

    Incidentally, my latest post also shows a window 😉

    1. Completely different from the Phillippines, I know! 🙂
      Our Yorkshire villages are beautiful though. Many thanks for following. I’ll pay you a visit later today.

  5. I love the English countryside, Jo. Your windows are so picturesque and so quintessentially English! Granted I was only in the Cotswolds and the Lake District, never in the northeast, and only for 10 days in England in 1999. I’d love to visit again. 🙂

      1. Nice to find you’re roving, Jo, in tune with your “restless” nature! I’m sure you’re finding all kinds of beautiful sights on your strolls. Of course it would have been lovely to stay. I hope to eventually get to scanning my photos from England and posting them on this blog!

  6. Great gallery Jo, I’ll try and post some English ones as well, when I get around to it! 🙂 Durham is certainly a lovely place, many years since I have been…

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