Thursday : Lingering look at windows, week 30

Window box outside the Queen Victoria pub in Durham

Window box outside the Victoria pub in Durham

I seem to have my English appreciation society head on firmly this week so I’m staying with the theme for my lingering look at windows.  On Friday evening I was in the city of Durham as the sun set.  Now there’s a place to be!  Mind you, the company and the wine were wonderful too.

The sunset reflected beautifully for me in that last shot, then I was spellbound by the colours around the cathedral.

It was a good week for sunsets and I captured a couple in windows on our estate at home.

You can’t get more quintessentially English than the village of Lealholm in North Yorkshire.  Every Summer they organise a Duck Race, and hundrerds of yellow plastic ducks are tipped off the bridge into the River Esk to race for it!  They were selling tickets when I was there last week.

One of the pretty little village shops in Lealholm

One of the pretty little village shops in Lealholm

That’s my English round up for this week.  What do you think?  Let’s get out into our English countryside while this nice weather lasts.

Many thanks to Dawn at Lingering Visions for being our lovely hostess for this challenge.  Do you have some windows you’d like to share?  Just follow the link.


    1. Thank you so much! Our flowers are drooping their heads this morning after an overnight downpour, but they’ll soon lift them to the sun again. Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

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