Say it with flowers

My walk into town took me twice as long as usual yesterday.  The camera just wouldn’t stay in my pocket!  So I have a small bouquet to present.  What better way to tell someone you love them?  These are for my daughter, Lisa.

I hope she likes them.  And that you do too, of course.  Let’s share some of nature’s magic.  Click on a flower to start the gallery rolling.

Fulfilling a promise

Team Member Award

Team Member Award

What can you say about Viveka?  The best thing to come out of Sweden since Abba?  Well, you wouldn’t be far wrong.

Who else could induce me to pass on an award within days of receiving it? (with a gracious curtsey)  The lady is simply irresistible, so if I want to remain a member of her team (and I do!), I simply have to fulfill a promise.  Thank you, Viveka, for awarding me the Wonderful Team Member Award.  May I present you, in turn, a small bouquet of Spring flowers from my garden.

I hope that you will always be one of my guilty pleasures.

I don’t feel the need to pass this on to individuals.  There are a number of people who always comment on my posts, as I delight in reading and commenting on theirs.  If you are reading this you are almost certainly one of that much cherished group.  Please accept my grateful thanks and feel free to pass this on if you so wish.  Viveka has kindly provided the rules and regulations in her post.

I hope that your week has been full of promise too.

Sunday Post : Close – up

Are you impressed?  It’s only Sunday morning and here I am doing Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post challenge already!  Don’t you love his logo?  Every time I include it in a post I have to stop and admire.  It’s amazing!

This week’s subject is Close – up and I know you’re all agog to hear what I’m singing this week.  Ready?  It’s the Carpenters, “Close to You”.  I am SO corny sometimes, but today actually is the wedding anniversary, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived for me yesterday. (I was out zumba-ing but the elderly lady next door was thrilled to look after them for me till I got home)

So unusual, the green carnations.

Zinging orange gerbera! Beautiful!

I’ve always loved the flamboyance of lilies.

The sunflower ruled the display!

Even the orange gerbera was subdued, but only just!

And lastly, that most delicate of blooms, the orchid.

Hope you enjoyed the “close-up” of my bouquet.  I know I don’t do close up well, but they’re still beautiful aren’t they?  I didn’t have time to “fiddle” with them.  He’s waking up so I’m off to share the rest of our day with him.

Thanks Jake for your superb Sunday Posts.  As usual, the links and the dragon will give you the guided tour if you want to join in.