Six word Saturday

Don’t you just love wild poppies?

#SquareTops Say it with poppies!  Where’s the link here?  Maybe I’ll have to go for top drawer.  I’m struggling this morning, but I could get lyrical about poppies.  Meanwhile, Debbie says it with bluebells.  Happy Six Word Saturday!


Six word Saturday


Shall we revel in curvaceous beauty?


Sensuous swishing,

Shaking off the kiss of rain.

Don’t you like my curves?


After the rather sombre mood of my last post I’m in need of a little uplifting beauty.  The Weekly Photo Challenge gives me the perfect opportunity. I hope Jude will approve this for her garden too.

Gilly – for you I have your own personal six words.  “I don’t have time to tanka”.

Warm hugs to all.  Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to share with Cate.  Join me on Monday for one last Polish walk?