Six word Saturday

Don’t you just love wild poppies?

#SquareTops Say it with poppies!  Where’s the link here?  Maybe I’ll have to go for top drawer.  I’m struggling this morning, but I could get lyrical about poppies.  Meanwhile, Debbie says it with bluebells.  Happy Six Word Saturday!



  1. Maybe “top of the pops” 🤔 love them Jo. Of course poppies will be everywhere here on Saturday as it is Anzac Day with poppies as the emblem. No Dawn parades and bbq”s this year. But everyone is being encouraged to stand in their drives at Dawn to remember all our brave souls, and sing the national anthem. I think a lot of people will be doing that.


      1. I don’t mind grey days; it’s like I’m being given permission to stay home and do projects here. But after a while I do long for some sunshine. I definitely prefer NZ weather to England’s in that regard,

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  2. What’s not to like Jo 💕 lovely Portugal Poppies .. looking forward to maybe seeing swathes of them blowing in the breeze … preferably somewhere in A Cornish landscape… well one can dream …
    My 1st little poppy appeared yesterday .. a lovely sight but. now rather er bedraggled from the drizzly rain ! Loved these of yours x


  3. Guess I shall miss the poppy fields this year unless things change by June, but I have last year’s memories to keep me happy. And I love those daisies keeping your poppies company. I wonder if Becky knows the name?


    1. There are hordes of Chrysanthemum Coronarium this year, Jude. Must be all the rain… which I wasn’t going to mention. Glorious today so I’ve just arrived at the blog. Supper’s in the slow cooker. 🙂 🙂

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      1. Ah, yes the name rings a bell. They are lovely. I might risk a walk to George on Monday, park at ASDA and wander up. Daily exercise and all that plus essential shopping for whisky and Baileys…


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