Six word Saturday


Shall we revel in curvaceous beauty?


Sensuous swishing,

Shaking off the kiss of rain.

Don’t you like my curves?


After the rather sombre mood of my last post I’m in need of a little uplifting beauty.  The Weekly Photo Challenge gives me the perfect opportunity. I hope Jude will approve this for her garden too.

Gilly – for you I have your own personal six words.  “I don’t have time to tanka”.

Warm hugs to all.  Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to share with Cate.  Join me on Monday for one last Polish walk?



  1. The most perfect curves ever Jo and I love your Haiku. Stunning captures darling. An excellent choice for the challenge. 😀 ♥

      1. I’ve grown Iceland poppies in the past, which are annuals. We probably can get orientals, I’ve never looked. I must do that asap. Now is the time to be planting for spring. It’s not that warm here today, only 18 degrees C. A bit chilly for us.

    1. Oh, you’re worth waiting for 🙂 Planting all done and OH dropped off at the pub (or is that Fridays? 🙂 ) The sunshine finally got here about 3 this afternoon. Whoop ee doop! We don’t have a great track record with poppies. 😦 This one nods at me from someone’s front garden on a Saturday morning.

      1. Planting done, another sack full of weeds and pruning. I have a very old jasmine which is totally out of control and the weight of it is dragging it down. I have pruned it quite a lot, but I think it needs cutting right back. Can you ask Mick what I should do with it? Lots of old wood.

    2. Chop it right back. Mick says if you’re doubtful of its recovery, try ‘layering’. Presume you know what that is- I didn’t know the expression 🙂 Where you peg a few trailers into the soil and they will root and give you a new plant. When we had our fences done our winter flowering jasmine was trashed but it recovered and we now have several. 🙂 Mick says it grows like a weed.

      1. Thank you both. I have done the layering thing with my winter jasmine as I was afraid the main plant wouldn’t survive the move. This summer flowering one has lots of rather thick stems and lots of new shoots. I’ll have a go at layering some of those and then hack it down in the autumn. See what happens!

    1. We tend to have the same problem, Jim. This wasn’t in our own garden. We’re eagerly awaiting the performance of a poppy we bought recently. Who knows? 🙂

  2. “Shaking off the kiss of rain.” I love this line, Jo. It reminds me of someone shaking their sadness away, getting ready to dance and party the night away. Shake it out, shake it out…it reminds me of this song by the band Florence and the Machine 🙂 Just in time for the weekend too 😀 I love your flowers shots. So fresh and they certainly are blooming. Hope you have a lovely weekend ❤

    1. Thanks a lot. Mabel 🙂 I love poppies. Last year I had the flame coloured ones stamping out a flamenco. I definitely think they dance. A happy weekend to you, too!

  3. These are seriously, superbly sensuously swishing, Jo! Love the colour palette 😀😀 you have set a rather grey morning off to an uplifting start!

      1. BTW, we came into Dover this Tuesday. Stayed in London then but visited traveling friends in Towcester (Northhamptonshire).

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