Six word Saturday


The quiet bit in the middle

With just a hint of sparkle

With just a hint of sparkle

One set of lights have already blown on my tree, but we’re still looking festive.  Just a quick round-up of the neighbours… the photo above is for Colline.

And, of course, lovely cards!

And, of course, beautiful cards!

That sum’s it up, doesn’t it?  Hope you had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a new year.  I’m just going to pop in on Cate at Six Word Saturday.  See you soon!



    1. I would HATE it! I loath snow, no matter how pretty. I love it for 10 minutes- end of story!
      WP have gazumped my walk post again this week! It’s down after this one? Maybe they don’t like me? I’ll live 🙂 🙂


      1. How do they do that? It never happened to me :S Don’t let it stop you from walking, Jo. And you should go to forum and report the mess…


  1. You have featured some great lights and fun spots here. I always like jolly snowmen and the cute, festive candles were a treat. They reminded me of my Mom’s candles of Santa and Frosty. I also wished to tell you your red mushrooms/toadstools made me smile! My oldest daughter is someone who likes unusual things, but also loves fairies and trolls. This was a great post, Jo! Got big smiles on my face, my dear!


  2. WOW – Such beautiful and joy of Christmas!

    Special wishes for a Christmas, that brighten you destiny
    May the moon of the Christmas season spread the Christmas cheers
    Have a Merry Christmas with full of cheer and Happiness! unique and colorful Christmas wishes for you peoples!


  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful lights, Jo! We took down all of our inside decorations today. Since I put them up in early November, I’m ready for them to come down. Happy New Year! We’ll be spending a quiet evening at home, just the way I like it. I don’t care to be out on the roads on NYE. xo


    1. Mine didn’t go up till mid- December, Jill, and they usually stay till after New Year’s. My fairy lights on the tree are all that gets me up these dark mornings 🙂
      Very best wishes to you for 2015, hon.

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    1. I haven’t been asked to any parties, Debbie 😦 (yet, anyway 🙂 ) I suppose I could throw one but it’s more tempting to open the bottle of port. Oh, to be somewhere warm 🙂


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