Sunday Post : Close – up

Are you impressed?  It’s only Sunday morning and here I am doing Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post challenge already!  Don’t you love his logo?  Every time I include it in a post I have to stop and admire.  It’s amazing!

This week’s subject is Close – up and I know you’re all agog to hear what I’m singing this week.  Ready?  It’s the Carpenters, “Close to You”.  I am SO corny sometimes, but today actually is the wedding anniversary, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived for me yesterday. (I was out zumba-ing but the elderly lady next door was thrilled to look after them for me till I got home)

So unusual, the green carnations.

Zinging orange gerbera! Beautiful!

I’ve always loved the flamboyance of lilies.

The sunflower ruled the display!

Even the orange gerbera was subdued, but only just!

And lastly, that most delicate of blooms, the orchid.

Hope you enjoyed the “close-up” of my bouquet.  I know I don’t do close up well, but they’re still beautiful aren’t they?  I didn’t have time to “fiddle” with them.  He’s waking up so I’m off to share the rest of our day with him.

Thanks Jake for your superb Sunday Posts.  As usual, the links and the dragon will give you the guided tour if you want to join in.