Jo’s Monday walk : Street art spotting in Sáo Brás

Leaving the sea behind for a little while, one of my favourite roads in the Algarve is the N270.  It winds steadily up into the hills, a series of twists and turns, with glimpses of small villages in the valleys below.  As the road levels out you come to the market town of Sáo Brás de Alportel.  It’s a nice peaceful spot for a wander.  Come with me and we’ll see what we can find.

As with most traditional towns in Portugal, the streets are mainly cobbled.  Claiming a convenient patch of shade, a snowy white cat regards me solemnly with its one green and one blue eye.  Is it my imagination or does that lady on the wall look more anxious as I look back at her?

Around the corner, the entrance to the episcopal palace gardens, beyond which sparkles the municipal pool.  This lovely outdoor facility was renovated last year and I expected to see it busy on this warm summer day.  Another casualty of Covid-19, I suspect.

Much of Sáo Brás is a little dog-eared and worn, but resourceful locals have done their best to brighten the shabbiest walls.  The local tourist information office and art gallery was open and I popped in to examine current trends.  An interesting perspective on a corn field?

The town has a lovely church, the scene of devout and colourful celebrations at Easter.  The streets are decorated with a multitude of flower heads and floral torches are paraded through them to a chant of ‘Hallelujah’.  Not this year, of course, but at least they can’t take away the beautiful view.

Somebody must have had a job lot of paper swallows, because they appear on several of the artworks.  How many swallows make a summer?

But the town is not short of more conventional beauty.  The azulejos are as fine as any you will see.  This cheerful scooter picks out the lemon of the background tile rather nicely, don’t you think?

The central square had a makeover a couple of years ago, and has become home to several modern art pieces.  I was happy to find this metal family in a nearby street.  Very appropriately, wearing their masks.

Perhaps you’d like to see the town in happier times, Celebrating life at Easter.  We have to believe they’ll come again.

walking logo

Meanwhile, just a few walks to share this week, which inclines me to think I could make Jo’s Monday walk a fortnightly feature, and confuse everyone!  Today I’m going to join Sami, who shares street art every week on Monday Mural.


Ducks and dragonflies… I’m smitten, Janet :

Monday walk…Sweetwater Wetlands

He’s home again!  Not such a terrible place to be, Drake :

Back in town

Is anything more splendid than this?  A Cornish garden, much loved by Jude :

Herbaceous borders

While Albert goes in search of another splendid view :

Sherwood Homestead (Former) Walk via Mountain Creek Road (Plus)

Ending with Janaline in exotic Shanghai :

Monday Walk in Century Park

Wishing you all a good week, though I know life is difficult right now in many places.  Take care till next time!


  1. Another of these lovely little places you visit Jo 🙂 I love the fact they are smaller and out of the way a bit. I especially like the pretty white cat, the azulejos and the yellow scooter in front of the wall! Thanks as always for sharing xx 🙂


  2. Oooh! those murals are great (yes, funny how the woman’s expression changes with the angle)! I wonder if the artist was aware of that? Couldn’t help but think the metal statue at the end reminded me of the simple joys. We’ll get through this, Jo! I don’t think you could have picked a better spot to sit it out.


  3. Diverse walks have led to this feature of found objects, and the first picture – showing a French bed at the original and wild Havel river – reflects our latest discovery from last weekend in the German federal state of Brandenburg, an area with only little pandemic risks, so there all is really quite relaxed. So we are trying our best to live in these crazy times, please find here is the respective link:


    1. Crazy is right, Ulli. Parts of the UK are again facing lockdown and our son’s job is in jeopardy. It’s not the easiest time to be young and trying to make your way in the world. 😦 Thanks, hon!


      1. We are also crazy because after being together now for 36 years, we have now finally decided getting married this year even under COVID19 conditions which makes it a bit more complicated than usual – but love is stronger than any pandemic 🙂


  4. Once again, you make me long to travel to Portugal. Empty swimming pool or not, quiet streets or not, this is a treasure, if you ask me. The art, the azulejos, that runway-model-beauty of a cat – it’s all delightful. Thank you.


  5. Jo, it seems that street art provides the added jewelry on this pretty town. I love how art fills the empty windows and doorways. And the doves and masks are the perfect addition to the metal family. 🙂 Thanks for the lovely walk. ~Terri


    1. Love the unexpected nature of street art, Yvette. When it’s good, it can be very good! And it’s great for taking your eye away from the shabby bits 🙂 🙂 Glad to have your company. Have a good weekend!

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