Six word Saturday

Keeping on top of the situation

Spot the odd one out?  They are all horizontals for Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge, but one of them won’t fit #SquareTops.  Hoping Debbie won’t quibble about my Six Words this morning.  Have a lovely Saturday all!




    1. It’s glistening with overnight rain out there, now, Rosemay. I had to stop eating breakfast to go and take some shots 🙂 🙂 Mick is rolling his eyes!

      1. We managed a walk down at the sea yesterday Jo and poor Monsieur took all the photos as my phone battery was low. He’s used to my photographing everything now!

      2. Same to you Jo – hope you have a good weekend and the sun comes out 🙂 Apparently we’re expecting rain. The nights are getting crisper and there is an autumnal air about but the days have been lovely so far xx

  1. Well I finally made it here! What a day. All (well most) of my comments ending up in spam, though it seems OK on here. And what a treat! So many perfectly formed squares and horizontals! I love the sunglasses photo, clever you! And your only non-square – you have the same tiles or very similar to what we have in our house. You see it pretends to be a Mediterranean house, just not in a very Mediterranean climate. Now you need to start being creative with the verticals. I’m sure you’re up to it 😀

    1. There can’t be too many aspects of our place that you won’t have seen by the time this is all over. Even letting you in the bedroom now…tssk! I did have the beguiling bedlinen and as I was looking down at the patio from the roof this evening… even more horizontals! 🙂 🙂 I’ll just turn them sideways!

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