Six word Saturday

Keeping on top of the situation

Spot the odd one out?  They are all horizontals for Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge, but one of them won’t fit #SquareTops.  Hoping Debbie won’t quibble about my Six Words this morning.  Have a lovely Saturday all!




      1. Same to you Jo – hope you have a good weekend and the sun comes out 🙂 Apparently we’re expecting rain. The nights are getting crisper and there is an autumnal air about but the days have been lovely so far xx

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  1. Well I finally made it here! What a day. All (well most) of my comments ending up in spam, though it seems OK on here. And what a treat! So many perfectly formed squares and horizontals! I love the sunglasses photo, clever you! And your only non-square – you have the same tiles or very similar to what we have in our house. You see it pretends to be a Mediterranean house, just not in a very Mediterranean climate. Now you need to start being creative with the verticals. I’m sure you’re up to it 😀


    1. There can’t be too many aspects of our place that you won’t have seen by the time this is all over. Even letting you in the bedroom now…tssk! I did have the beguiling bedlinen and as I was looking down at the patio from the roof this evening… even more horizontals! 🙂 🙂 I’ll just turn them sideways!


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