The topic is Easter

I need to fill my world with beauty and music this Easter Sunday.  And Easter eggs, of course!  No, I know these aren’t square, so perhaps I should say eggs squared.  Not scrambled or fried, but possibly boiled.  Or painted, like these lovely traditional Polish eggs I’ve owned since my very first visit to Poland.  Thinking of my Polish family, my English family, my blogging friends, who might as well be family, and all of those I can’t be with today.  God bless, and keep you!



      1. Yes I find I deal better with things some days than others. I know I’m very fortunate in having my immediate family close by but realistically I can’t see long haul flying resuming for a very long time and of course I have no idea when we can visit our Uk families again. Adjusting to the new normal will take some time. Take care xx

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    1. Probably too peaceful, but much of it was spent gazing out to sea, Julie. And a walk… of course 🙂 🙂 Enlivened late in the day by a video chat with my exuberant daughter, who does not possess a volume control. Her words! How about you?

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      1. No, not this year. One lives in Brisbane and the other’s in Sydney and all non essential travel is banned, with a fine of $1364 for those who ignore the bans. So we settled for phone conversations. As long as we are all safe and well, I’ll be content.


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