Views of COVID 19 – Chile, England, Finland and Portugal

Taking time out today to look at the darker side of life.  Sue Slaught is compiling a series on the effect of COVID 19 around our world, and I was honoured to be asked to participate.  The full text is here :

Views of COVID 19 – Chile, England, Finland and Portugal

Hoping you are enjoying the peace of this very different Easter, and that no-one you love has been affected by this frightening illness.  God bless!


  1. Interesting how different cultures are reacting to the situation. It’s good to know that you can still gaze at your blue sky from your terrace. 🙂


  2. Very interesting comparing people’s experiences in different counties/continents. I was esp. interested in the online schooling in Finland,I liked that they had a roll call at the start and end of the day and a chance to chat with the teacher & other pupils.


    1. There’s no doubt that some are handling it better than others, Emma. The UK is a small overcrowded country and vulnerable in that respect. My son is supervising home schooling with his 7 year old. Fine so far but kids do need company and to run around. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you are recovering well? 🤗💕


  3. Jo, we just read your post on Sue’s blog and found it very interesting. Glad to hear you are well and that Portugal has done such an efficient job regards prevention of spread. This sounds similar to what we experienced in Viet Nam and they were very successful in keeping the numbers very low. Here in Mexico as we wrote on the first of the collection of posts by Sue, things are rather casual. The beach has police coming by in the evenings at sunset. Sometimes they tell everyone that the beach is closed, and sometimes they are just chatting with friends or having a drink. Very strange. Love Sue and Dave’s idea of creating groupings of stories from across the globe as a way to create unity.



    1. I have been largely avoiding the subject, Peta, till I received Sue’s invitation. But reality has a way of catching up with you. Interesting times, indeed. Stay safe, you and Ben!


  4. “The joys of being an old wreck! ” Would hardly call you an old wreck, but I do know plenty about the aches and pains. A sore neck always tends to limit my time at the computer these days, not to mention the eyes (which don’t care for the glare of the screen.)

    But we soldier on somehow…. wishing you health and safety from this crazy virus.


  5. Very cool image. Work has been keeping me busy and I’m catching up with WordPress. When we went into the shelter in place in the SF Bay Area, my employer said to take your laptop with you and plan to work from home. This was a huge departure from our normal operation where no one was allowed to worked from home. Both Lisa and I are well and adhering to the rules (Lisa is about done with being cooped up though). Stay well.


    1. My husband has already remarked that all those businesses who objected to people working from home are well and truly stuffed now, Patrick. They certainly can’t argue that it doesn’t have a valid place now, but most people need a bit of camaraderie to lighten the load. Wishing you a restful Easter 🙂 🙂

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  6. A lovely guest post. And a lovely photo. I hope you are feeling a bit better today. The warmth from the sun should help. I know all about the aches and pains in the joints which is why I really need to think about moving somewhere drier for the winter months! I don’t follow Sue’s blog any more, since it became a selling point for adventure holidays and lists of top ten things to see / do. I prefer blogs when they are about more personal travel accounts not a sales pitch. A shame because she is a lovely person and I enjoyed reading about her adventures once upon a time and we shared some good chats. Oh, well, there are so many blogs out there we obviously can’t keep up with them all. Happy weekend Jo. xx


    1. Thanks, Jude. I have to admit that I don’t read all of their posts any more but I’m not their target audience. I always come off worst on ‘adventures’. Just getting from day to day is challenge enough for me. And enjoying life along the way. Sue is a lovely lady and she has cut back posting a lot, with family issues. She asked if I’d be interested and as I’ve steered clear of the subject on mine I said yes. 🤣 Are you familiar with Liesbet Colbert? Former sailboat lady. Lives in a small campervan in the States. She just messaged me about a Living the Dream, in Portugal, book that’s just been issued. I was always too lazy to catch that particular boat but I will look out for it. 😘
      The worst of it’s over, thanks. As you say, sunshine helps. It had been a damp couple of weeks, interspersed with glorious sunshine. I often have niggles and the odd day or so but I was in a right state on Thursday night. Could barely move for the pain. Feverish and feeling sick too so I wasn’t sure if the virus had come to get me 🤣. Managed a walk this afternoon with chocolate incentive at the end. I don’t normally keep it in the house but you can’t be without at Easter, can you? Collapsed back on the roof now 😎🍷🍫💕

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      1. Sorry to hear Sue has had family issues. Nothing more draining. At least thanks to A I know what it is like to be in hospital and ICU! So it isn’t such a scary thought. And you take it easy! I would suggest staying at home for a week just in case, you don’t want to be spreading it to those lovely bakers, but I know damn well you won’t listen to me! We are off for a walk around the hill. Hopefully all the tourists will have been and gone by now!

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