Jo’s Monday walk : A sally through the salt marshes

Grey is not my favourite colour for sky, but sometimes there are compensations. (not cake- too soon for that!)  A friend had suggested a sally through the salt marshes, and I’m always seduced by the fusion of sky and sea.  I hadn’t reckoned on a grey day, but it was warm, so, no excuse!

The light on the water here is special on all but the glummest of days.  Passing by the fisherman’s huts there’s always a cat or two, trying to appear disinterested in today’s catch.  Down in the salt pans, birds wade, flap their wings, and glide across the still waters.

A pomegranate tree clings to the last of its fruit, and the reeds rustle and sway, bleached beige by the sun.  Small hillocks of salt gleam, white, against the sullen sky.  A mysterious pink has appeared in the salt pans, not reflected from the dense clouds overhead.

The light is changing and, looking to the hills, I realise that the clouds are beginning, ever so slowly, to roll back.  The water darkens, inexplicably, to a rich magenta and I watch, transfixed, as grey gives way to blue.

I’m rounding the marshes to reach Fuseta for lunch.  If I’m lucky the sky should be clear by the time I get there.

It’s almost unreal, the transformation in the skies as I head towards the sea, and I can only be a grateful witness.

I wander along the quayside, peering at the tiny fish milling around the boats.  If they were bigger I’d think they were pushing their luck, but it’ll be a while before they make anyone a decent supper.  Well, perhaps a ship’s cat?

Which brings us, of course, to the inevitable subject.  Does anyone have space for cake?  Someone’s been eating mine, again!

Not such a grey day, after all.  Replete, we sat in the sunshine, gazing out across the bay.

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Not so many walks this week.  Huge thanks to my regular contributors. Please visit each other, if you can, and don’t forget to get out there walking off all those cakes! Join me any time, here on Jo’s Monday walk.  You know you’ll always be welcome.


What’s a little rain when you’re with a lovely friend?  Welcome back, Gilly!

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Those clouds dumped a fair bit of rain, and I ended up wading on a couple of my walks.  Back to glorious blue this weekend, and set fair for summer.  See you soon!  Take care till then.



  1. We expect a walk on a bright sunny day is going to be wonderful.
    Our expectations on a cloudy day are not high but we are often pleasantly surprised.
    As your post demonstrates clearly.
    I am so pleased you shared this walk and your thoughts.


    1. I was so disappointed when I woke up and saw the sky, Jack, as I love being down on the marshes. But it turned out to be a true beauty of a walk- and the company was good too 🙂 🙂


  2. How marvelous you experienced that show the clouds put on for you! I had to smile at your mention of grey not being your favorite color sky. Seems we’re opposites, eh? Do you have many birds? I surely enjoyed this expedition with you!


    1. I’m sitting up on the roof terrace with blue as far as the eye can see and that’s the way I like it, Gunta. Stormy is fine but I had my share of flat sky grey days in England. The salt marshes are full of birdlife. I’m just not adept at catching them. Lots of storks, flamingos and herons too 🤗💕


    1. I admit to being quite grumpy when we started out on that walk, Cathy. It was 18km and I wasn’t looking forward to a full grey day, but it turned out to be amazing in its own way. 🙂 🙂


  3. * turned out nice after all ..
    You’re so right with your description Jo, the fusion between sea and sky is very appealing .. a little grey goes a long way to creating a mood . Love those fascinating colour changing salt pans … reminding me of some in Lanzarote ..buried in my archives .
    I wouldn’t mind a sally through those salt marshes !


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