Six word Saturday

Shall we keep the light burning?

I could as well have said ‘are you all still seeing squares?’ but I suspect those might be Becky’s Six Words.  I’d like to keep that lovely glow we’ve created, wouldn’t you?  It’s up to us!  Let’s start today.  Happy Saturday!



  1. An uplifting post in challenging times Jo – hope you have no issues in your new home with the changes taking place in Europe. Mlle ironically flew to Berlin on Friday for work and personal reasons exploring future opportunities – we’ll see what happens! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend xx 🙂

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    1. Within her industry I should think Berlin would be a good place to work, Rosemay. 🙂 🙂 A beautiful weekend here, and no issues other than keeping an eye on the tennis final. Rafa didn’t make it but I’d love Thiem to do it.

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