Can you see the patterns?

Life is full of them, don’t you think?  Patterns of behaviour and visual patterns.  Dramatic pause to count the patterns in the shot above.  Jude has a new photographic challenge this year, all about improving your photography.  The lady has lots of tips and some wonderful examples, so get yourself over there and admire.  But have a quick peak at my gallery first.

2020 Photo Challenge #5


  1. This is a lovely seaside themed gallery Jo and nice to see a beautiful blue sky. Here today it’s overcast and we’ve had heaps of rain, which is very welcome. It’s been great to hear rain on the roof most of the day.


  2. The first photo is particularly nice, Jo, and yes, the patterns are clear and captivating. You were clever to see them so readily in your photograph. 🙂 Good eye!


  3. I love all these great patterns you have opened our eyes to Jo. I love Jude’s new challenge because (like her benches challenge, remember that?) I am looking for patterns all the time now.


    1. I think that, even more than Becky’s squares, it’s hard to stop seeing patterns once you start. The part I find hard is the talking about how and why, Pauline 🙂 🙂 I’m sure some of us still admire benches, too!

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