1. Nice to not be predictable, thanks, Liesbet. I saved this for last, and it’s surprising how many people have told me they have the same candle holder. It’s many years old. 🙂 🙂

  1. I have one like that, brought back from India, but you could find them in any hippy shop in the seventies. I like the way you have played with this. Pretty candlelight.

    1. It’s an old friend but I couldn’t begin to remember where I got it (definitely not India 🙂 ). Always part of my Christmas, it’s a bit faded now so the edit helped. Thanks, Jude!

      1. You can have a Virtual one from me now, Becky!! And another, real one, if you’re good on the 25th Feb!!! 😄

      2. Thank you Sue, I really need every hug I can get today so a virtual one from you is fabulous, and I promise to be good on 25th if you are 😉

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