Six word Saturday

Some tasty leftovers for Brian’s birthday?

And there’s blue in each square

Happy birthday, Brian!  Sorry I couldn’t get a cake there in time.  Just a few leftovers from the Azores.  Debbie and Becky both have interesting resting places today.  Funny how that happens sometimes?  Go and recline, and have a lovely weekend!



      1. Kept you busy, poor love! I thought it was so nice of the people who wished you a happy birthday. And you had one! Jobs a good un 🙂 🙂

  1. Nothing will suit me better than a day of rest today. I’ve just said goodbye to a family visit of nephew, partner and 5-year-old daughter whose energy has exhausted me. Luckily we had fab weather for their visit from colder climes, but I didn’t have the sense to opt-out of visits to playgrounds, boat trips, beaches, theme parks etc. Now it’s going to be a day of perfect peace, Saturday papers, and sandwiches, no more cooking!

    1. Ah, yes, I can understand that exhaustion! When my Aussie family visited two years ago with the grandies (2yrs and 4yrs), I did back out of several visits to petting farms and the aquarium! Small children can take it out of you when you’re not used to it! You deserve your peaceful day!

      1. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Have you tried downloading one of the apps that can restore deleted photographs? I have had to use such a tool a couple of times and as long as you have not taken lots of new photos on that card, you should be able to restore most if not all of them. The best apps/tools I have paid for, and have never regretted the pennies xxxxx

      2. Didn’t know such a thing existed? He was backing them up to his laptop as mine struggles with memory. A bit like it’s owner. Half a dozen shots on the camera. Might have a go later if I’m feeling brave 😕💕

      3. It’s well worth doing . . . you can’t make it worse as long as you don’t take any new photographs. My mum once deleted three weeks worth of photos, and I managed to restore most of them . . she then did the same again a few years later and again we restored them! Just follow the instructions carefully and you will be fine . . .sending hugs xx

      1. Now a new walk is something to look forward to. Is his “hobbliness” going as well. Don’t make it too hard for our poor mate will you, you may have to end up carrying him home 😀 😀

  2. Happy Birthday Brian. Love the mural at the ferry terminal. Have a great weekend.

    dropping by from the 6WS linkup

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