Six word Saturday

Taking a step back into childhood

What to do on a grey day in January?  Why, visit a Lego exhibition, of course.  A walk through time, in bricks, at Preston Park Museum.

Lascaux cave paintings

Copernicus discovers Heliocentrism

The railway’s coming!

China on the rise

Amazing what you can do with a few bricks, isn’t it?  The captions should help if you’re bemused.  All part of Saturday’s rich entertainment, as is Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.  Enjoy your day!


  1. LEGO!!!! Fantastic … that would brighten up any day for me. I never played with Lego as a kid, but I think it’s such a magical idea. They aren’t doing that well anymore, for some reason – all kids are on the iPad those days.


      1. They was taking about Lego’s problems on the news just before Christmas, so sad. I thought you were away from when I read it … Preston isn’t in your end of the world.


  2. Oh what fun, the cathedral here of all places had an exhibition a couple of years ago and I didn’t make it. my favourite is the cinema. Hope you have a nice week sweetheart, busy one planned? G hugs x


    1. The Cathedral at Durham has a Lego replica in the complex. It was used as a ‘buy a brick’ fund raiser. 🙂 🙂 Could wish for warmer weather, Gilly, but it is January. Not long now!


  3. What a fun exhibit! I’ve seen large-scale Lego projects before and I never tire of examining them. I am always impressed with the fact the artist has to envision their work from the smallest initial piece and then keep to scale! You’re so right about the smiles!


    1. There were about twice as many, Carol, but not easy to photograph some of them. D’you suppose they all have to go back in the appropriate box? I believe it’s a traveling exhibition. 🙂 🙂

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  4. What people can make with Legos is truly amazing, Jo. The arboretum near us had an exhibit a few years ago that was quite something, nothing like what we and the girls made with their Legos and Duplos. 🙂 We still keep these in a box in the garage, ostensibly for anyone with children who visit, but they haven’t been out of the box for some years. Just hard to get rid of.



    1. It’s become very ‘scientific’ these days, Janet, and everything is themed. Star Wars, Batman, Dinosaurs… but they do make me smile. We used to have a carrying case full of Lego that went everywhere with us when James was small. Still got a few pieces. 🙂 🙂

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