Present meets past?

I wanted somewhere suitably elegant to end my daughter’s visit to the Algarve, and they don’t come any more elegant than the Estói Palace.  In A palace in warm sunshine, back in November 2014, I suggested that it might make a good venue for afternoon tea.  Do you remember it, Paula?  Long overdue, I think.  The sun was just sliding down the sky when we got there and the terrace looked so inviting.

What a study in opulence this place is.  No need to introduce you to azulejos after Monday’s post but I can never resist sharing a few more beauties.

More restoration work had been carried out since my last visit.  The small summerhouses were a picture, with their vibrant stained glass and painted walls and ceiling.  The grotto was open and my son-in-law, who has a particular interest in ironwork, studied the details with interest.

Enough of admiring our reflection.  It’s time to go indoors for refreshment.  Truth be told, it really couldn’t compete with the decor.

Does that window look familiar, Becky?  You’ll be happily ensconced in your Algarve life by now.  I’ve taken liberties with your Past meets Present.  I’m sorry!  You did such a nice job on the Palacio not long ago.  Paula- I thought you might like an update for Traces of the Past?

Oddly enough, the waiter said they only had cheesecake.  Ah well!  Cake’s cake, isn’t it?  There wasn’t a crumb left when son-in-law had finished.


      1. I know! Thank you for spending so much time with me tonight. I hope you’re well enough for the next travels. And the next! And the next… hugs darlin xx

      2. I decide it was time … for me to pay, my girlfriend a visit. Always so interesting and beautiful in your world. You know me, Jo! Always be well enough for a travel. Take off on Sunday with British Airways to Belfast. Time for catching up with my old world. *smile Duvet hug!

      3. Of course …. I think I will put a little seed into A-C mind … and maybe we can go together. Norwegian fly to Faro. Have to wait and see how your future goes … first, if you move down for good – no problem.

      1. Yes thanks Jo. Trying to catch up on stuff. I am home for a while then back to my besties to care for her and her broken hand. How are you?

      2. Oh heck! How did that happen? 😦 I’m really tired at the minute. Been watching tennis since 3.30 this morning. The Oz Open plays havoc with my sleep. 🙂 (I did have a break to go to a t’ai chi class)

      3. She fell off a chair washing windows. Broke her scafoid? bone in her hand. I come home every few days, sometimes she comes too but this is the first time alone in over a week. Having three girls I am used to looking after women but adults are more demanding lol

  1. This is fabulous Jo . . . . . .brings back such happy memories and to know that this is all waiting for us less than a couple of miles away 🙂 Maybe we should do tea ourselves here when you are back. . . . .we can always make it a girly thing so there is plenty of cake for us 😉

      1. ah that’s not good on the cake! Thank goodness for the setting 🙂
        Throwing it down here this morning, been a power cut in the town and we are going to need waterproofs to get to the market if we attempt it all!

      2. No long walks yet as no car until Monday, but we did have a fabulous day yesterday out in the saltpans and then later discovering what’s new in Olhao. So not feeling too bad this morning, apart from we had been looking forward to the farmers market. Can’t even see town at the moment its raining so hard!

      3. Jumped in a taxi. The price was equal to the increased price of picking up a car outside of hours, so we decided well worth it for the ease of arrival and the fact that we hardly use the car over the first few days anyway. 🙂

      4. ooh exciting . . . . . tell her definitely possible to do it without a car for a week if you stay somewhere with a railway station 🙂

  2. Opulence? I’d say so! In fact, I’d wonder if there isn’t a word that exceeds that meaning! Stunning beauty, Jo, and a wonderful place as a capstone for the visit with your daughter. I have truly enjoyed your photos from the Algarve. I find it to be so appealing in every way. The natural beauty is incomparable, and then to have such historic (and opulent!) architecture as you’ve been sharing truly calls me! Maybe someday! 🙂

    1. It’s definitely a place that gets under your skin, Debbie, and I can’t wait to return. (in 2 weeks time) Lisa was delighted with her visit, and I could well imagine her the grand dame, with swishing skirts and parasol. 🙂 🙂 I hope you make it someday because I feel sure you would enjoy.

    1. Many of Portugal’s old and beautiful buildings have been turned into pousadas, or state run hotels, Otto. A little something is lost in the process but an awful lot is gained too. I’m glad you like this one as iit’s one of my favourites. 🙂 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  3. Stunning Jo, that blue is such a beautiful shade. How many hours did you spend there? That cake looks quite insignificant tucked in among all this splendour. But I bet it was welcome.

    1. We only had a couple of hours Pauline because we were on our way to the airport. We had a long lunch in a shady restaurant first because Leo was very light sensitive after a migraine. I really didn’t need cake. It was just an excuse to linger xx

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