Jo’s Monday walk : Loitering in LOULÉ

I always try for variety in my walks.  Sometimes I have to look back to see where I’ve taken you, as was the case with Loulé .  The attractive tile panel of the Arab market, shown above, was hidden away in a Pingo Doce supermarket. (I was looking for a birthday cake at the time, strangely enough)  Loulé is one of those places you can go when the Algarve weather is not all that you might have hoped for. (yes, it happens!  Though not often, in my experience.)  There’s always something of interest to see and do there.

Despite the urban sprawl, it has a rather elegant old quarter, resplendent with calçadas, so I’m sure my friend Madhu would enjoy it.  Billowy panels fluttered above the streets, evidence that it had been consistently hot and sunny.  Meandering on Rua 5 de Outubro, I had an urge to go and see Nossa Senhora da Piedade.  It’s an uphill climb to the church, but I think it’s worth it.

As luck would have it, I was diverted before I could even begin my climb.  A banner on the side of a church building proclaimed the closing days of an art exhibition, by João Garcia Miguel.  A smile from the receptionist, just inside the doors of Convento de Santo Antonio, invited me inside.

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But what an extraordinary sight greeted my eyes.  I’m afraid the art exhibition took second place.  The central nave of the church had been restored, in a plain and simple style, while retaining the crumbly but beautiful arches and alcoves of the side chapel.

A solitary, beautiful fresco vied with the artwork.  The most joyful experience!  The cloisters were barriered off and in poor condition, but restoration appeared to be ongoing.  I will return, for sure.  But first, a hill for us to climb…

I won’t dwell too long on Nossa Senhora da Piedade, as we’ve been there before, but I’m sure you can see the attraction.  The tiny chapel was built in 1553, almost survived the earthquake of 1755, and has been restored in all its exquisite detail since then.

Overshadowed by the huge dome of the 2oth century addition, you might never know this chapel exists, but it’s been bringing the crowds here for the Easter procession since the 16th century.

I must have had my religious head on that day because, wandering back into town, I found myself drawn to Nossa Senhora da Conceição.  Sitting in a quiet corner on Rua Paio Peres Correia, there’s often a queue outside this small chapel with its beautiful 18th century azulejos.  I was lucky!

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So many riches in my walk today!  I think we’ll just tootle past the bandstand and head for home.  But, wait a minute!  I’ve not treated you to cake lately, have I?  Better put that right.  Please, be my guest!

I hope you enjoyed returning with me to Loulé today.  Next week I plan to take you to Cascais, on the Lisbon coast.  A change is as good as a rest?

Thanks so much for the lovely response I got last week.  I’ve got some great walks to share, so let’s get that kettle on and settle in.  Join me with a walk of your own any time.  Details are on my Jo’s Monday walk page.


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That’s it for another week.  I have my last pre-Christmas walk with my walking group today, so I expect mince pies will follow.


  1. What a fascinating place Jo. And you have some lovely images there – the light off the stained glass in NS da Piedade is well caught. And azulejos are always appealing.
    Your previous sky shot in Cascais meant i was going to bring you a walk around Cascais this week, but never had time to pull it together. I’ll let you do yours on Monday, and might bring a different slant some time soon.
    Have a good weekend

    1. That would be fantastic, Debs! It was a long promised visit and I liked the place very much. Glad I don’t have to compete with you! 🙂 🙂 but thanks for your kind words.

    1. You know you’re welcome any time whatsoever, Gilly. Us idle folk appreciate the effort. I keep getting mesmerised by the silly snow, but I like it. 🙂 🙂 (WP that is 🙂 ) Off to see Paddington today, in Fenwick’s shop windows.

  2. This sounds like a lovely walk! The fresco is so beautiful, and I love the pretty calcada. I am looking forward to visiting Portugal one day soon…to see all the beautiful tiles in person.

  3. And yet another place I’ve never heard of but have now added to my Iberian bucket list. But will I ever get there, I ask myself. Fingers crossed, a visit next year should not be an impossibility. Keep ’em coming, Jo. Even if I never get there I can enjoy them from my computer.

  4. Beautiful churches and both tile panels are awesome! Great walk Joanne. I really need to get to know the Algarve better! Looking forward to your visit to Cascais, you might have different views to mine.

  5. Again great “walk-with-me” post. I love especially inside photos – very interesting and beautiful. Thank You for this post. Have a good day.

    P.S. Tomorrow Finland celebrates its 100 years Independence.

      1. Yes Johanna – round the world. Here are some examples: World-famous sites all over the world like Colosseum, Niagara Falls and Rio’s Christ statue will be lit in blue December 5-6th. Colosseum was gorgeous when we saw it in our TV.

  6. Jo, a gem of a post!! 😀😀 I couldn’t believe the first photo is of tiles in a supermarket!! Not Tesco standard, obviously! I wouldn’t mind shopping here with you, though worry I’d become enthralled by the images! The chapel is divine, the church in town beautiful and I can see why the exhibition has to battle with the restored nave. A wonderful post and yippee…that is my kind of cake and ice cream…that will do perfectly! 😀❤️

  7. Oh, what infinite variety you show – and cake too. You make me homesick for splendid churches – maybe the call of the northern hemisphere is getting louder. I’m about to go to the town where I buy my plane tickets, but they’re not on a very pedestrian list! This walk is anything but pedestrian in that sense. So much richness in a walk, and you see it all. No place anywhere near you ever delivers up all its pleasures: you always winkle out more. My morning walk today was with dog in the rain. After I found him. I was just getting desperate when a blanket on Hugo’s bed heaved up and he emerged (the dog, that is. Hugo emerged @1.45). What can I send you with hugs? Doubt rain’d be appreciated, so maybe a few flourishing herbs. They like rain better than my watering regime.

    1. What a loyal friend you are! Always appreciative, always interested. It’s all there, for the want of looking, isn’t it, and I do so enjoy looking. The Convento was my find of the day. You would have loved it, Meg! 🙂 🙂 Thank heavens you hadn’t lost him! We’ve had 2 lovely days. It’s not going to last but it’s so nice to feel even wintery sun on your face. Thank you, darlin! Herbs would be delightful 🙂

  8. So that’s the name of those delightfully pretty, but treacherous in the rain, pavements. Did I know that? Loule looks delightful, but I’m glad you walked up to the church and not me. You do get to see a lot on a day out don’t you? No wonder Mick needs his cake 😀

    1. You might have known? I don’t often use the term because then you have to explain, but I did like Madhu’s post so decided to use it. 🙂 🙂 As Becky says, you can drive up there and then linger as long as you like.

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