1. Jo! The ending photo was my fav – and the long pier shot pulled us right in….
    I am going to email you about the idea I mentioned to you a few days ago….

  2. Lovely days Jo … I smiled at Andrew’s comment … the hours for nothing ! Still.. I could think of worse places to be waiting for a catch . I’d like to run up the boardwalk there right now 🙂 Sun’s out here hoping for a bright day … enjoy yours out and about Jo x

      1. You can say that again!
        Clearing out some of the roof space to make way for craft stuff. It lives in the lean too usually, but that’s being replaced by a new conservatory next month. Oh the junk we keep!!!
        What naughtiness will you be up to? x:-)x

      2. Ooh, going up in the world! 🙂 🙂 Going down to Sheffield on Sunday. Some old friends who ran a pub in Durham have moved there and there’s a Christmas fair in the street and music in the pub. Will be lovely to see where she now lives. 🙂

      1. They were very wishy washy plans! Got your inspiration yet? Traces of the Past B & W on Sunday but if I post Sunday I’ll never get my walk done, and I’ll be down in Sheffield anyway.

      1. Hope that you’ll go on taking and oposting many photos! Just “Keep calm and carry on (taking pictures)”. 😉 Here, btw, it is quite frequently my wife that takes more pictures than me, and I sometimes rely on her. But usually I have enough pictures I took myself for my blogs and my memories.

  3. Some of your best Algarve images yet Jo. Lovely blue – looks nice and warm unlike here where it is blue sky and also blue fingers if I take the camera out.

    1. We’ve gone topsy turvy again, Jude! It was up to 12C at Saltburn this morning, compared to 2C earlier in the week. You have to head home almost before you’ve started out though, with the days so short. Mick’s a bit sniffly and miserable so it was the pie and mash shop outing 🙂
      Thanks, hon. Those are distant memories of 28C or thereabouts. Much too warm for you and me.

  4. Is your role in life to torture me? What exquisite images, every one of them, and such a display of blue. I particularly love the shadows on the boardwalk. I hope pain’s receding my dear. Here’s a supply of Warsaw hugs stashed wherever you need them

    1. Almost a healthy bunny again, Meg 🙂 🙂 So sorry, hon! I didn’t mean to be cruel. I’d been looking at the Algarve ‘haul’ and I had some nice moody shadows and evening shots I wanted to post, but nothing that fit those 5 words… except these 🙂
      J’s back soon! Got the ‘welcome home’ ciastko ready? 🙂 I daren’t be so bold as to send hugs. I’d better date stamp them all ‘Meg’.

      1. Flight Hong Kong to Frankfurt cancelled, so I expect he might be a bit grumpy when he gets here. He’s booked on another one, but no revised eta yet. Your cruelty is forgiven, because it was also kindness!

      1. HaHa. I have always thought of fishing as being rather pointless. Last week I was in Spain near Alicante and along the beaches I was fascinated by how long people will stand there and catch nothing!

      2. Great weather for the time of year. I was visiting my sister on the east coast, thirty minutes south of Alicante. She lives there now. I’ll post about it later but I have got a lot of stuff to get through first. I was going to give up on blogging but I have got about a year’s worth of material to share!

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