Six word Saturday



Out of the darkness comes light

It was a night of purest excitement and I haven’t really had chance to share it with you yet.  Let’s wander the streets of Tavira on the night that Portugal won the European Cup, against all expectations.  It was a great place to be.

I left the excitement briefly and climbed the back streets to look down on the town.  There was a ghostly silence.  But everywhere was clad in finery.

Suddenly a rousing cheer split the air, and I scurried back to be part of the action.  Truly, a night to remember!

Have a great weekend, and make some memories yourself.  Maybe share them in six words?



  1. I can imagine the excitement! I do not follow any sport, and learn some of the lingo only to be able to converse with the grandkids, but I would love to experience the excitement of a big win in one of these soccer crazy countries someday. Perhaps even catch a match 🙂 We missed a celebration in Bilbao by a day last August.


  2. That must have been quite the experience, Jo. And you captured it so well with the photographs. Well done, making them so crip at night. That little camera you have does an awesome job! 🙂


  3. You timed that visit so well honey, I bet the atmosphere was buzzing. I’d love to see the bandstand being used, it’s so pretty.
    I’m no footie fan and the half hour I spent watching England play didn’t change my mind, so well done Portugal. I know you’re a tennis fan, and I watched a bit this year, but it just makes me tense when it’s an important game and I end up exhausted 🙂 🙂 🙂 happy Sunday my lovely!


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