Jo’s Monday walk : Boa Vista Trail


Becky will recognise this little chap straight away, but I’m not going to take her advice and walk the Boa Vista Trail the ‘other way round’.  I would, however, suggest that you pay close attention to her post, if you one day find yourself up in the Algarve hills, with a little time to spare.

It was one of several grey days I encountered in April this year, not ideal for a trail named beautiful view, but pleasant enough for walking. From Vila Nova de Cacela in the Eastern Algarve, we left E125 and headed north on a minor road, EM509.  A goatherd and his enthusiastic dog caught my eye as we headed for open country.  At the village of Corte Antonio Martins, our 9km circular trail began.

There was a slight, blustery wind, setting the flowers to shiver and shake.  As it died down, a spatter of heavy rain drops hit the ground. Up went the umbrella! (the other half, ever prepared)  This is just like an English walk, you’re thinking!

But the flowers on the hillside told a different story.  Cistus beamed at us- mostly the Montpellier variety, with their welcoming ‘face’, but large, plain white ones too.  Tiny pink ones, and others resembling potentilla.  Wild lavender and vivid yellow broom.


Looking over a cottage garden wall I tried to guess at some of the mysterious planting.  Carobs and apricots, figs and aloes, I managed.

Just occasionally the sun peeped out, transforming our world.  Well-marked paths rolled gently up and down the hills.  Reaching a crossroads, we continued on past countryside wholely at ease with itself.  Houses dotted the landscape, some, sadly neglected shells, others full of life.  A cat gazed, unblinking, as we rounded a corner.  A challenge in that glare!

The trail crosses the Ribeira do Rio Seco in a couple of places, ‘dry river’ a not entirely accurate description.  Rather, a shallow stream, at this time of year, the surface liberally sprinkled with tiny white flowers.  They seemed to link arms, reaching across the water.


Gently uphill again, cistus pointing the way.  A sign for Pomar confirmed we were still on track.  At a ramshackle old hill top cottage we came unexpectedly upon a family of small, brown goats.  Engrossed as they were in giving a ‘short back and sides’ to the overgrown shrubs, suddenly we were eye to eye.  After the slightest hesitation, we were dismissed us as unthreatening.  Back to the job in hand!

We carried on, with huge smiles on our faces.  Not far to go now.  This is agricultural country, the hills green and vibrant with colour.

Our second crossing of Rio Seco produced still more delight.  A shimmering green pool among the rocks.  And more of those little flowers, holding hands as they stretch out on the cool water.


Over the hill and heading for home, that sky still looked very dark.  I never did see a Eurasion jay, as the walking guide suggested I might.  I think I’ll leave that to Becky.  She’s so much better at that kind of thing than me.


This walk is on p. 156 in the Walking Trails in the Algarve guide, with a map and further details.  If you saw my Saturday post, you’ll know that blue skies are more the norm in the Algarve.  I’m off there, just to make sure, on Wednesday, so there won’t be a walk next week.  Heaves sigh!  Never mind- let’s put the kettle on, shall we?

walking logo

Thanks everybody for your company and your great support again this week.  I still have a fistful of gardens to share, but they’ll have to wait a little while.  Meantime I have some wonderful walks to share with you.  If you’d like to join me, you can post a walk at any time.  I’ll catch up when I’m home again, because I don’t have Internet in the Algarve.  Details are always on my Jo’s Monday walk page, or just click on the logo above.


I hope you all have one of these.  Drake does!

Nice life

Or you could take a nice old-fashioned walk on the prom with Lady Lee :

Along the Promenade

Miriam’s a lovely lady but I’m so not ready for Winter yet!

Winter in Maldon

A Canadian brewery tour with Jackie?  Now that’s a different proposition :

Distillery District 

I hope you’ve got your money handy?  We’re shopping with Biti this week :

The Market

Or we could go looking for bluebirds and butterflies with Geoff.  Hint- there are White Cliffs :

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Carol’s been living it up again, in that delicious Hawaii place!

Friday Night in Waikiki

The big city beckons Jaspa.  Look out for the graffiti fish!

A Stroll around Montevideo, Uruguay

I owe Susan humble apologies.  She’s been diligently walking and I never even noticed!  Not one small walk, but three!

Walking Brasov, Romania

Walking with Pelicans (sorry to show bias, but this is my favourite)

Walking with Sea Gulls

Kathrin is spending some wonderful beach time too.  Watch out for the spray!

A walk along 4-mile beach

There you have it, for now.  I hope you can find time to visit because I’ve included some wonderful walks.  There’s really something for everyone. I’ll be back walking on Monday, 18th July.  Take good care till then.





  1. Beauty just abounds in this place Jo. You are right, at first, I thought you were going to take us on another ‘English Garden’ walk what with the weather. But then, as we progressed, the landscape told quite a different story. You are lucky to enjoy spring in such wonderful surroundings.


  2. This what’s always been so admirable about you, you always seem to have the drive and desire, and not to mention the energy, to just walk and walk and walk. You are an inspiration. I hope to continue walking just like you. 😀 Lovely, lovely flower pics.


    1. Whoa, Rommel! Getting this old lady all in a fluster. 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much. It’s just that I’m slightly better at walking than driving a laptop. 🙂


  3. Girlfriend, how are you doing …. haven’t seen you around for a while … a bit worried for you, but I can see that you have been out on one of your magical walks. And it always a pleasure walking with you. Images are breathtaking. The goats is so cute .. even if they stink a bit close up .. and that last image is magical. Just as I imaging the country side down there. Have to tell you that I have booked a flight to Porto in June next year. 6 days. A big weekend hug from the breakfast table in Landskrona.


      1. Is it fare from Faro????? So glad I got my head around getting there, have to change flight in Lisbon. Found a nice little design hostel, room with city view and private bathroom.


      2. I’m amazed you can’t fly direct! Have you been to Lisbon before- I can’t remember? There are 2 flights per day, Porto to Faro- early morning and late evening. When we did our Douro trip we flew to Porto from Liverpool, then down to Faro 6 days later. ‘Chilled’ a bit at ‘home’ then back to Liverpool. Never saw that city once, except from the air! 🙂 🙂


      3. I will be flying TAP – because the only low cost that flies direct have too early take off … will not be able to get to the airport. 250£ I paid and with the hostel it will cost me about £80 per night – not bad … 6 nights will I be staying. Will not arrive until 19.00.


    1. Life or blogging, Scott? Sometimes it’s a balancing act but I do enjoy the social interchange. I hardly miss it when I’m away, which is why I don’t try to blog ‘on the move’. Not my thing 🙂 Nor do I edit my photos, or I’d never keep up! What you see is what you get 🙂 I like it that way.


  4. Jo, thank you for sharing your walk with us! The plants are stunning and now I have a new one to add to my knowledge – Cistus! So beautiful. Those goats looked scary to me; I’ve runaway from sheep before so these would have me worried! Also love the kitten in the pot, cute beyond words.


  5. I love wandering through the countryside with you Jo, flowers, goats and beautiful rustic scenery, even a cautious looking cat. Safe travelling, see you when you get back.


      1. They had such a good time here in Portugal, Pauline! Nobody expected it but th em. Unbelievably hot here. Feels like an Australian Summer xx


  6. Lovely walk Jo – such pretty flowers and scenery! I had a chuckle at the goats – our son in law has acquired a couple of goats and is now keeping them in their back garden here in Perth! He’s always wanted a small holding not that they technically live on one but I’m learning a lot about goats at present! These ones look very handsome with their brown coats! Love the cute cat too! Hope you’re having a fabulous time on the Algarve and enjoying all the sunshine 🙂


      1. Hi Jo glad I caught you! Sorry got to read your Monday Walk so late this week! Hot and blissful – sounds wonderful! It’s bitterly cold, wet and wintry here but we have all our heating going full blast plus the wonderful wood burner! My mum has rallied again but my poor dad looks like he’s been through the wringer – Mum has no recollection of being ill since she has dementia – it’s hard on my dad 😦 Hope you’re having a lovely lunch and have a fabulous rest of your trip! xx 🙂


  7. Hi Jo! What a treat to hear from you. Thanks so much for the visit. This was a lovely post–all beautiful photos, but I loved the kitty in a clay pot, and the old cart in the field was most compelling! I hope you are well!


    1. Hiya darlin! I was part way through answering your comment on your post and I pressed send. Not good at phones and Wifi. Having a fabulous Algarve time. James with us. Sending hugs xx

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