Six word Saturday


Never promised you a rose garden


Here in the north east of England we’ve had a few days of capricious Summer.  Knowing its fleeting nature I’ve been out enjoying it.  If there’s one thing that Britain does well, it’s gardens, so I thought I’d try to dispel yesterday’s gloom, if only for a little while.

Come with me to Sutton Park, a stately home in Sutton on the Forest, North Yorkshire.




The Grade 1 listed Georgian house is the family home of Sir Reginald, 8th Baronet, and Lady Sheffield, and there are connections to both David Cameron’s wife, Samantha, and to the Duchess of Cambridge.  The history page on the website traces a link all the way back to the Templars.

Within the extensive grounds are an Ice House which you can actually walk inside, and a huge kitchen garden.

The house and gardens are only open in May, June, and a couple of weekends, so I just made it in time for a delicious scone in the tearooms.


Ready to face the world again now.  Enjoy your weekend, whatever you have planned.  I’ll have more gardens and a castle for you in my Monday walk.  Don’t forget to pop in on Cate before then.



  1. Beautiful roses and peonies and a wonderful garden all around. You’re right that “if there’s one thing that Britain does well, it’s gardens.” The colorful flowers definitely do dispel the gloom of so many rainy days! 🙂


    1. Hiya sweetheart! Thanks for spending so much time with me. 🙂 We really have had a lovely summer this year and hence lots of garden visits. Sunny again this morning and I sat in the garden for a bit but then lured Mick up to Durham. Am sat with my foot strapped and propped up cos it’s badly swollen again. I think rain’s forecast Friday so I’ll be able to wear jeans when I meet Jude 🙂 Not sure about the Botanic Gardens though! Hugs darlin’! I’ll just answer my comments and I’ll be over to yours.


      1. I did a major cleaning out of my inbox and am trying to get to many posts that I missed! I’m glad you visited so many gardens so we could see them too! I’m so sorry about your ankle. Hope it’s better soon. I’m so excited for your upcoming trip to meet Jude. It should be great fun! Cheers in advance to both of you! 🙂

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  2. Your photographs are so delicious, along with your verse about what you see, from deer to castles to scones. I live in New England. My guy and I hope to visit England again soon (one of our favorite places to travel, but haven’t been in about 6 years). I will definitely check out your suggested walks before we come!


  3. You are not the only ones that had it capricious. We had some serious floods and storms with damages. But your capricious Summer made beautiful drops on stunning roses and made their scent more pronounced. Can you guess what photo I like best? 😀


    1. Hard question! Maybe the pink peonies with the rain drops? Or through the doorway into the garden? Or the scone! 🙂 🙂 I hope you are having good weather right now. Some very close friends have a week’s holiday- 2 centre in Split/Dubrovnik. It’s a 70th birthday celebration and they’ve wanted to go to Croatia for a long time. (me too 🙂 )


      1. Based in Brela? Plitvice lakes and a day over the border in Montenegro. I think just one day each in Split and Dubrovnik. It’s a tour. 🙂


      2. Ah, so they are being guided around. Montenegrian coast is stunning too. Brela has very beautiful beaches but tends to be so crowded. Split is my least favourite place in Dalmatia.


      3. I would like to see the old town in Split and the water front but more than that the islands of Hvar and Korcula. I imagine you have chosen somewhere wonderfully peaceful for your holiday. Hope it’s wonderful and you can turn off the worries and relax.


      4. I thought you had been to Croatia before? We are going to the mountains (very high) – not the smartest idea with my current issues 😀


  4. My goodness the gardens are amazing. It seems most any post of yours Jo is filled with glorious blooms. Not so much here in Canada, well at least where we are.


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