Six word Saturday


Never promised you a rose garden


Here in the north east of England we’ve had a few days of capricious Summer.  Knowing its fleeting nature I’ve been out enjoying it.  If there’s one thing that Britain does well, it’s gardens, so I thought I’d try to dispel yesterday’s gloom, if only for a little while.

Come with me to Sutton Park, a stately home in Sutton on the Forest, North Yorkshire.




The Grade 1 listed Georgian house is the family home of Sir Reginald, 8th Baronet, and Lady Sheffield, and there are connections to both David Cameron’s wife, Samantha, and to the Duchess of Cambridge.  The history page on the website traces a link all the way back to the Templars.

Within the extensive grounds are an Ice House which you can actually walk inside, and a huge kitchen garden.

The house and gardens are only open in May, June, and a couple of weekends, so I just made it in time for a delicious scone in the tearooms.


Ready to face the world again now.  Enjoy your weekend, whatever you have planned.  I’ll have more gardens and a castle for you in my Monday walk.  Don’t forget to pop in on Cate before then.



  1. Beautiful roses and peonies and a wonderful garden all around. You’re right that “if there’s one thing that Britain does well, it’s gardens.” The colorful flowers definitely do dispel the gloom of so many rainy days! 🙂

    1. Hiya sweetheart! Thanks for spending so much time with me. 🙂 We really have had a lovely summer this year and hence lots of garden visits. Sunny again this morning and I sat in the garden for a bit but then lured Mick up to Durham. Am sat with my foot strapped and propped up cos it’s badly swollen again. I think rain’s forecast Friday so I’ll be able to wear jeans when I meet Jude 🙂 Not sure about the Botanic Gardens though! Hugs darlin’! I’ll just answer my comments and I’ll be over to yours.

      1. I did a major cleaning out of my inbox and am trying to get to many posts that I missed! I’m glad you visited so many gardens so we could see them too! I’m so sorry about your ankle. Hope it’s better soon. I’m so excited for your upcoming trip to meet Jude. It should be great fun! Cheers in advance to both of you! 🙂

    1. It really is a gorgeous place- no word of a lie. 🙂 I’m just home and with a very slow laptop so I’ll be a while visiting you, but I’ll get there. 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  2. Your photographs are so delicious, along with your verse about what you see, from deer to castles to scones. I live in New England. My guy and I hope to visit England again soon (one of our favorite places to travel, but haven’t been in about 6 years). I will definitely check out your suggested walks before we come!

  3. You are not the only ones that had it capricious. We had some serious floods and storms with damages. But your capricious Summer made beautiful drops on stunning roses and made their scent more pronounced. Can you guess what photo I like best? 😀

    1. Hard question! Maybe the pink peonies with the rain drops? Or through the doorway into the garden? Or the scone! 🙂 🙂 I hope you are having good weather right now. Some very close friends have a week’s holiday- 2 centre in Split/Dubrovnik. It’s a 70th birthday celebration and they’ve wanted to go to Croatia for a long time. (me too 🙂 )

      1. Based in Brela? Plitvice lakes and a day over the border in Montenegro. I think just one day each in Split and Dubrovnik. It’s a tour. 🙂

      2. Ah, so they are being guided around. Montenegrian coast is stunning too. Brela has very beautiful beaches but tends to be so crowded. Split is my least favourite place in Dalmatia.

      3. I would like to see the old town in Split and the water front but more than that the islands of Hvar and Korcula. I imagine you have chosen somewhere wonderfully peaceful for your holiday. Hope it’s wonderful and you can turn off the worries and relax.

      4. I thought you had been to Croatia before? We are going to the mountains (very high) – not the smartest idea with my current issues 😀

  4. My goodness the gardens are amazing. It seems most any post of yours Jo is filled with glorious blooms. Not so much here in Canada, well at least where we are.

    1. If there’s anything we can do well, it’s gardens, Sue, and it’s the best time of year for them here. Sorry if I’m becoming boring- it’s a bit of a passion. 🙂

    1. I thought so too, when I discovered the Cameron connection. 🙂 We spent ‘Armageddon’ in the delightful village of Sutton on the Forest, away from the world and its cares.

    1. Well, if you’re not doing so well in the south, pity us up here, Suze. 🙂 I’ve adopted guerrilla tactics. Whenever the sun comes out I grab my hat and run. 🙂

    1. My husband, for one, was positively elated, Kate, and SB was almost a celebration of life for us on Friday. Gibraltar had an 80% remain vote and the problems with Spain will surely be exacerbated? And about the scone- no judging a book by its cover. It was superb! 🙂

      1. You two voted differently? Wow! P

        Gib had a 96% vote in favour. We well topped every London borough, the most of which were 70 odd per cent.

        Spain has spent 300 years plus sabre rattling. So what? I could, however, imagine the EU saying, Gibraltar is Spanish. They’ve already supported Spanish claims to territorial waters.

        Interestingly, some remain voters are now changing their pov.

      2. No, we didn’t, Kate. I started out a remainer but after much angst went the other way. I HATE politics! Worse still, the media coverage which is highly divisive.

      3. I think the race card that has been played is such a red herring. Cameron, Boris, Farage are equally obnoxious. So therefore, people vote on what they know. And for what it’s worth, those of us who lived pre EU knew that life actually was OK. I mean seriously, the UK governments have shafted people, but the EU has done stuff all for us. We are are still a net contributor. We import more than we export. Do they not teach maths to schoolchildren any more?

      4. Mick’s viewpoint too. 🙂 I sympathise with my kids who have an idealistic pro-European approach but I do know that it’s pie in the sky. I do worry about the future for them and who we can trust to get us through this, but… life, Kate! Never any guarantees. Stay well! 🙂

  5. This beautiful garden reflects the essence of summer to me, but you didn’t link it ;(
    And you have reminded me that I STILL have not had a cream tea since moving here. That really needs to be addressed soon! Even wonky scones are better than none.

    1. I did wonder if I should, Jude, but wasn’t sure if it fit the bill. You know I hate to break rules. 🙂 And truthfully, I was breaking my neck to get out into the garden for breakfast, before I had to leave for zumba. The post took me longer than my usually snappy 6WS’s and I was meeting a friend at lunchtime who has limited tolerance for the sun and I knew we’d have to sit in indoors. 😦 Grabbing every second of Summer- true to form 🙂 I know! Excuses, excuses… shall I grovel? What’s next month’s theme? Skilfully changing the subject 🙂 Fabulous scones… I kid you not! Happy Sunday 🙂

    1. Thanks for pointing it out- I’ve updated. Usually my eagle-eyed husband spots my gaffs but he obviously didn’t read this properly. He’s a far more political creature than me. 🙂

      1. Ha ha! I got confused at first cos I saw Sarah and thought Ferguson, which as you’d mentioned a duchess seemed to make sense. I can never remember which duchess is which (largely because I don’t care, mind you!)

  6. Beautiful photos Jo – thanks for brightening up the weekend. We have been stunned by recent events – sad times indeed. Thanks for an uplifting post in uncertain times and have a lovely rest of your weekend 🙂

    1. I think it’ll get worse before it starts to get better, Rosemay. We’re in for a spell of being the Bad Guys of Europe. I shall have to keep escaping into gardens. 😦 Thanks, hon.

      1. I think there are a lot of Europeans who are not so happy about the way the EU is run. I for one am quite happy to be a ‘bad guy’

      2. I’m ambivalent, Jude. I agree with you but it’s such a mess at the minute. Who can we trust to get us through it? The media are busy stirring it and setting one side against t’other. Sturgeon is off on her soap box again. Both of my ‘youngsters’ are devastated and totally pro a European ideal which probably doesn’t exist. Me? Escapism is the only route. Gardens, here I come!

      3. Gardens sound like a good idea, though not for me, today, as it is raining again 😀

        Time to get the inside of the house sorted I think.

      4. I had a wonderful gallop along the beach to the lighthouse at Whitley Bay while Sunday lunch cooked itself. Mick had a job up there. Clouds approach! Happy Sunday!

      5. Escaping into gardens sounds a good idea Jo! I wish I could disagree and say it will all be fine but think it’s going to be a very tough period indeed and the effects will last for some time 😦 Flowers and nature walks are fortunately good for the soul! Have a lovely week 🙂

    1. I hadn’t realised it had such a short opening season till I read the leaflet afterwards, Mlissabeth, so we were really lucky. 🙂 I’ve just remembered that you were doing part 2 of your botanic walk this week? I didn’t see a link but I’ll check when I come over to yours and include it next Monday.

      1. An absolutely amazing garden. But you did it justice with your fantastic pictures! Btw, is that clotted cream I spot in one of the pictures?
        Have a great Sunday,

      2. That makes my mouth water! 😉 Here, it’s just about breakfast time. I haven’t exactly planned what yet. Maybe, as it’s Sunday, bacon and eggs. But I don’t have the other ingredients of a fully cooked Enhlish breakfast.
        After your lunch, maybe a good siesta is in order? 😉

  7. Great idea to use the summery days to air out the brain and block out the world for a bit and enjoy the beautiful things in life, like all those pretty flowers and gardens. It seems like that “extreme right” bug is traveling all over the world, unfortunately. Sad day for England. I am disheartened by it and fear for the rest of the planet as well… Luckily, their is still beauty as well, and new things to try, like a scone. I have never ever had one of those!

  8. Loved walking with you through Sutton Park. Very tranquil, plenty of greenery and those flowers look happy to be out and about too. They do come in so many different colours. How wonderful to stop off somewhere in the park in such a charming place for some scones. That is one big scone and lots of cream there. I hope it was good and you enjoyed it 😀

    1. The scone looked a bit strange but it was one of the best I’ve ever eaten, Mabel. Goes to show- no judging by appearances only 🙂 🙂 Happy weekend to you, hon.

  9. I want to be inside the ice house now!!! I particularly love the single flower shots, particularly the first rose against that lovely wall. And poppies will always delight me, especially when they contain bees. Enjoy your weekend – today is a day of rest here, after a frantic week. I’ll send you a hot-summer-day hug.

    1. Hiya, Meg 🙂 I’m a very happy bunny after a second consecutive warm day! I’ve been out most of it so now I need to get down to a bit of serious commentary. Thank you for the hug. It’s never too warm for those 🙂

  10. Oh Jo, what a nice surprise to see your beautiful pictures of Sutton Place. I sadly never managed to see it’s beautiful gardens (and sample their scones) but love looking at any picture I come across. Thank you for chewing me up whilst still resting after my stay in hospital. Have a good weekend. Carina

    1. I was surprised at the size and age of it, in the loveliest village. Definitely money territory 🙂 Hope it was nothing serious, Carina, and that you’re fully fit soon. Hugs! 🙂 🙂

  11. Good morning sweetheart, this looks like a nice place, hope the roses were fragrant. Gorgeous poppies and peonies. I’m off to a garden tomorrow for a birthmonth treat, maybe even scones – but not wonky ones! Have a lovely day x:-)x

    1. The wonky scones were absolutely delicious, hon. Just had breakfast in the garden. Zumba next then lunch with a friend. Can’t be bad! Enjoy your treat! 🙂

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