Jo’s Monday walk : Newby Hall, Ripon

Those of you who saw my Saturday post will know that it was much too hot to do any serious walking on holiday in the Algarve last week.  English summertime is, however, the perfect time for gardens, and I visited a flurry of them before I went away.  Perhaps you remember this young lady?


The last time you saw her she was upside down in the water, making a bid for freedom.  I had almost forgotten my Water Nymph.

Newby Hall in Yorkshire was built in the 1690s, under the guidance of Christopher Wren.  The 25 acre gardens feature Europe’s longest double herbaceous borders, and the National Collection of Cornus (dogwoods).  Do you fancy a wander?  If you get tired there’s a miniature steam train to toot and puff you around some of the grounds.  But first, that lily pond.  I can never walk past a water lily without pausing.


It was a lovely, somewhat hazy, summer day and too nice to be indoors.  In case you’re wondering about the house, why not take a peek?  It’s another English ancestral home with a mighty history.  Robert Adam decorated the Tapestry Room and some of the interior.  For me, I was happy to be in the grounds, with its gentle urns and statuary.

I hadn’t gone far when a sign caught my eye- Sylvia’s Garden.  I thought at once of a certain lady in America, but Sylvia was the wife of Major Compton, whose family live in Newby Hall still.  This garden was planted to be at its best in May, to coincide with York Races.  It was late June.

A sequence of interconnecting garden rooms follow, which can be taken in any order.  An alluring bloom or a fountain easily distracts me, and my eyes were on stalks when I saw the wonderful display of peonies, threaded through with star bursts of allium.


I was a little too early for the Rose Pergola and a little too late for the Laburnum Pergola, but the Cornus were in full, joy-packed bloom.

Apparently there are over 100 individual specimens of Cornus represented.  I failed to collect the Cornus Trail booklet from the Entrance Pavilion, so I cannot elaborate further.  Obviously, a black mark!  But you can tell I enjoyed my wandering.

Suddenly I heard the blast of a whistle and I stood, holding my breath.  With a rattle and a clank, the miniature Royal Scot steam locomotive clattered over the bridge in the Rock Garden and sped away.  In time honoured fashion, I waved.  Wouldn’t you?

I had no idea of the breadth and range of this garden.  My previous visits had been accompanied by a small boy, whose chief interest had been the snorting beast that roared through the canyon.  As I meandered on I came to the Woodland Garden.  It was season’s end for the rhododendrons that I love, but how very poignant.  Debbie, does this remind you of anything?


And I still haven’t taken you down to the river, via the herbaceous borders for which this garden is so rightly known.  Burgeoning with delicious irises and yet more peonies!  A toot and a bustle as the train scurries past again, disturbing the stillness.

Not far back to the Garden Restaurant from here, or you could pick up an icecream at the kiosk.  Before departure I really must show you the Water Garden, and then you can simply subside with cake, or something more substantial.

I hope you’re not too weary?  There really is so much to see in these gardens, and when I mention that there is also a Dollshouse Exhibition, Adventure Gardens with a water play area and even an exhibition of Teddy Bears, you’ll know that this is a good place to take the grandkids in these upcoming school holidays.  Have a look at the website.  There’s something for everyone.

Now I really must go and put that kettle on!  I think I’ve earned it.

walking logo

I really enjoyed my break, but I’m back with another great collection of walks to share.  Thank you so much for your support.  It wouldn’t be half so much fun without you.  Join in at any time.  I’m usually around.  Click on the logo or visit Jo’s Monday walk page for details.


Isn’t there something magical about Corsica?  Certainly there is through Drake’s eyes :

Touch of yesterday

Anabel’s castle is a whole different ball game.  Check out these views!

Drumlanrig Castle

Jackie supports Gay Rights with some great scenes in Toronto :

Toronto Pride

Liesbet cheats a tiny bit, but nobody said the walks had to be all uphill, did they?

Climbing Mount Greylock the easy way

How about a little shopping In Berlin?  Lady Lee will be your escort :

Strolling at Kurfurstendamm

Susan brings fragrance and a smile to our walks this week :

Walking along fields of lavender

Kathrin found something quite unusual and rather wonderful on her recent road trip :

Water towers in Mendocino

Jude has a few chips to share.  No, don’t all rush!  Her OH has probably eaten them by now.  Gravestones will have to do, but they’re not so tasty :

Ludgvan Churchyard

When Cathy’s not meandering in Myanmar she still likes to keep an eye on the oriental :

Philadelphia gardens : Shofuso Japanese house and garden 

And while we’re in ‘Japan’, share a little beauty and serenity with Rommel :

Goshiki-numa, Five-colored Lakes in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

Fabulous, aren’t they?  Have a great week everybody.  I hear the temperatures have followed me here from the Algarve, but don’t worry- they’ll only last a day or so.  Enjoy!  See you next week.  Don’t forget Monday Escapes if you have a minute or two.


    1. I have my moments 🙂 🙂 This morning was a goodie. Breakfast in the garden, t’ai chi, then a walk back through country lanes. More mundane stuff to follow. There are some wonderful gardens not too far away. I still have 3 to post, but I try to spread them out a little. How are you adjusting to life back in the shackles? Is there a theme yet for tomorrow? I did look early this morning, in case 🙂 🙂 Hugs, darlin’. Look after yourself.


      1. Yes, there is a theme. The work is killing me (triple the volume of what I used to have), and they all take me for granted.


      2. Yes, there is a theme. The work is killing me (triple the volume of what I used to have), and they all take me for granted, but you don’t, bless you. Hugs 🙂


    1. No problem, Liesbet. I usually keep Monday evenings free for my replies. This has come up on an older walk but it doesn’t really matter too much. 🙂 Thank you!


  1. Another stunner of a garden. What I wouldn’t give to smell a peony right now! It has been awhile. And that water garden at the end of the post (just above that cake that makes me want to have a snack) is simply magnificent. In my next life, I am coming back as a Compton and moving into Newby Hall


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