Six word Saturday


Thursday’s still Special on a Saturday


Last Saturday you accompanied me to a rather wonderful cake shop in Kraków.  Just so you don’t think that I spent the entire two weeks eating cake, I think you should come with me on a little stroll to the park.

It’s a very busy household I was staying in.  Work in the bakery starts in the early hours and often Łukasz leaves home before 5.  Ula combines study with learning the trade, sometimes in the cake shop till 10 at night.   Their father, Adam, is at the helm of the bakery and machine manufacturing business all day long.  Which leaves wife Marta at home, feeding and nurturing, whilst oldest daughter Weronika looks after eleven month old Bartek.  So what was I to do?



Find a bench in the Park and watch the world at play.  All was peaceful when I first arrived, but soon excited voices broke into my reverie.  A posse of pre-schoolers were being coraled in the playground.  Peace was gone, but a smile lit my face.

Paula makes Thursday special every week, and you know that’s still true on a Saturday.

Hope you have a great weekend. Why not share your six words with Cate, and I’ll be back on Monday with a Polish walk for you.



  1. What gorgeous pink blossom Jo! The colour looks so pretty against the greenery and blue skies 🙂 Now I shall have to go and check out all those posts about cake that you keep talking about! 🙂


  2. How vibrant the colours of the flowers are! Keeps me thinking about how simple it is to find beauty in nature, if we only look around us. It’s a simple park you’re visiting, but you’ve captured some of the best photos from there.


    1. They were the deepest pinks and I was entranced by them. I left ‘home’ in a slightly disgruntled mood (thwarted in a visit to the city centre 😦 ) but I couldn’t stay cross for long. 🙂 Thank you- happy Sunday to you!

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  3. the close-up of the blooms is a great way to end the post – each photo flowed seamlessly – and what a nice “nature” take on a park – the different views of the play things and the nature there – and then nature shots – really nice flow.


    1. Thanks, Yvette. This was just a brief half hour in the park and when I looked at the photos I didn’t have as many as I’d thought. Te kids were gorgeous and I wanted to take lots of shots, but you know that sad thing with our society these days where you feel like a wrong doer if you focus too closely on someone else’s child? And with my language limitations… 🙂

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      1. yes, you are so right about that with kids and all. and the other day we were walking the dog – new route and three of us out for a stroll – so I spent some time taking a photo of dried up daffodils – well this guy from across the street and two houses down comes out doing the neighborhood watch thing – and I was at the curb and on the street side of the sidewalk 9which is public – anyhow – we smiled – but whew – he was one alter neighborhood watch guy…. but really???


  4. Lovely time in the park, Jo. And I enjoyed hearing about the very industrious family! How lovely that each member plays such a crucial role!


    1. Hiya Debbie! How’s life? 🙂 The family have an unbelievable work ethic. Adam and his partner, Tomek, have built up an international business from nothing. It’s a fine legacy for the children. The wonderful thing is how close knit and happy they are together.


      1. I’m from Poland myself, loving in London now. My family lives in South West part of the country not far from Wroclaw. Flying there next week!


  5. Aha! I’ve found you again, in time for a frolic in the park. All the joys of flowers and kids. Somehow we’ve acquired a playground here: “Wanna go to Nanny Meg and Grandpa J’s playground.” I don’t quite know how this came to be. Surely they don’t remember the jaunts there when they were still stroller-bound?


  6. Well it would be rude not to eat cake at least once a day wouldn’t it? 😉 This park rocks, I love the seesaw even though I suspect I wouldn’t fit on it, and the blossom is such an intense colour, beautiful Jo. Enjoy the rest of the weekend x:-)x


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