May wildflowers




I came home from Poland to a few days of lovely weather, which even saw me having breakfast in the garden one morning.  The clouds are back now but I just made it to the cliff tops at Seaham in time to catch a few wild orchids to add to Jude’s collection of Wildflowers.


  1. Hi Jo – I know I left a comment here – but it is gone – and this keeps happening to me on some blogs – anyhow, now that I know – I am double checking a few – and I just wanted to say that your wildflowers are wonderful – and breakfast in the garden sounds pretty amazing….


    1. The sun is just trying to find the sky, Yvette, so I might be tempted in a little while. 🙂 Sorry about the comment. I do check Spam fairly often and I think I’ve found you in there before. Meg keeps finding me ‘unfollowed’ so I think WP has it’s own little mischief fairy. 🙂 Sending hugs!

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      1. yes, I also was not following you – and who knows…. I also lost replies to people on my own blog – but I do think they were having issues with their desktop app – not sure if you use it – but that might have been the issue for me.

        glad the sun is coming to greet you… 🙂

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