Six word Saturday


Niestety, mówię tylko troche po polsku

“Unfortunately, I speak only a little Polish” but the language of cake is universal.  Staying in the home of a baker could be ruination for the figure, so it’s probably as well I came home when I did.  Chmurka malinowa (raspberries and meringue) was my undoing.  Sadly, after 2 weeks in Poland I was just starting to get my head around the language and have the confidence to try to speak it.

The photos above are from my cousin Adam’s newest shop, and Dad is there with the family, waiting to sample ciastko- cake. Something which he is extremely good at.  Must be a family trait!  The last is taken through the shop window.  My lovely niece Ula has just finished work for the day.

One of my weeks was spent with family in Central Poland, where feeding one week old ducklings- kaczki– was part of the entertainment.  I was also lucky enough to meet up with Meg in the city of Łódź.  Such joy that gave me.  I’ll be taking her along on my Monday walk next week.  Come with us, but don’t expect to get a word in, will you?

Meanwhile, have a great weekend!  Pop in on Cate if you have six words you want to share.



  1. I share your love of raspberries and meringue (especially if some whipped cream is added in for good measure !) These cakes looks beautiful. A friend of mine lived above an ice cream shop and that was a mixed blessing ! Wishing you a great weekend full of lovely things.


  2. Raspberries and meringue – sounds divine Jo! Sounds like you did very well with the language if you were starting to pick it up after a couple of weeks! For some bizarre reason I kept trying to talk German in Italy. My brain knew I was abroad and picked out German, which I’ve done fair bit of, to use instead of English. Then when we went to Berlin I started using Italian words at first even though my German is far better (know very little Italian but can work some of it out from French). At least you managed to order cakes! 🙂


    1. It’s been a couple of weeks for 9 years, Rosemay, so I should be getting the hang of it by now. I have a language programme and I should be doing that now, instead of blogging 😦
      I know what you mean. Portuguese/Polish comes readily to mind but never in the right place or context. 🙂


      1. It happens to everyone apparently Jo (except genuinely bilingual people from childhood). Your brain knows you’re talking in a different language but often throws up the wrong word at the wrong time. I’ve been doing German once a week for nearly 5 years (at evening classes) but did French up to A level standard and also as a minor course at uni so initially I would start saying French words in the middle of my German class and have no idea why! My German teachers who have all lived over here for a while say they often forget basic German words when they go back home as they have to concentrate so hard to speak in a second language all the time over here! Still I find it great fun and it’s great to be able to communicate in another language however basic the level! 🙂


    2. I’ve been visiting for the past 9 years, Rosemay, so I should be getting the hang of it by now. I ought to be on my language programme instead of blogging! 😦
      Portuguese/Polish always comes readily to me, but never in the right place or context. 🙂


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