Six word Saturday


Having fun on a murky day




It was one of those days when you just need a breath of air.  Salt spray, the wind in your hair…  Roker Pier.  Where else?  A stride across the sands, rain at your back…  Then back along the cliff top, past Bede’s Memorial.

No children in the playground.  It’s a bit damp, and the big brothers and sisters will be in school.


Jack Sparrow’s on his own this weekend.  Our first snow arrived overnight.

What did you get up to this week?  Got time to share six words with Cate?

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you have planned.  I’ll see you on Monday, for a walk?  We have a date with some waterfalls.



  1. Brrr…nothing like a walk in the sea spray air. We did the same a couple of weekends ago. Who knows when I’ll post the pics. I haven’t forgotten about the nature photo challenge Jo, I really want to do it and will. All my challenge and other posts have gone out the window lately, having a bit of a struggle for one reason or another but hey ho, getting there. I’m not getting email notifications of your posts anymore either 😦 But I’m still here, loving walking with you rain or shine xx

      1. Bless you dear Jo…love walking with you, love your posts, love you!! See you soon, and I wish you a wonderful weekend. Thanks for the hugs too, I’ll always take those… 🙂 xxx

  2. Great set of photos, Jo. Salt spray and the wind in my hair……I’d look like the wreck of the Hesperus, but it still sounds inviting. Oh my goodness, those fishermen look like a hardy lot. Love the lighthouse and the memorial. What, no mention of coffee and cake? 😕

  3. “I remember murky days in England” I would rather the exhilarating buffeting of the wind and being all wrapped up for the weather. Then sweating through the next 2 months of humidity…Loved your atmospheric photos Jo

    1. Thanks, sweetheart! We have a bright frosty one this morning. I’m still waiting for my son to wake up so I can shepherd him out for a healthy dose of fresh air before he goes back to Leeds tonight. 🙂

  4. Looks like a fun way to spend a dreary day. Glad you enjoyed getting out despite the weather. Unusual for us, we still haven’t had any snow this winter! I shouldn’t complain, but I do like at least one snowfall in a winter. 🙂

    1. I know!!!! Debbie pointed it out this morning. What am I doing wrong? 😦 And how is everyone still finding me? Sorry to be a nuisance 🙂
      Yes- very fancy new fencing 🙂

      1. I found you by clicking on your header – it took me to your most current page. Each week when I go to Show My Face the link to my last week’s post is still in the box, under my name. I just delete it and add this week’s link. However, if you are doing that already, then it is odd that it is still reverting to the old one.

    2. There’s not usually anything there? It just says ‘you’re next’, I hit enter and there I am 😦 I’d better try something else next week because once it’s in… it’s in 😦

      1. Ah. With me I have two boxes to complete under ‘You’re next’. It says Mr Linky’s Magical Widgets and there are two boxes. The first box has my name already completed (so I think I must have asked it to remember me at some point) and the second box, saying ‘Your URL’, is where the one I entered the previous week can be seen. I delete that one and put my new one in. Perhaps we are both seeing different things?

    1. Awwh, that doesn’t seem fair 😦 Remind me where you live again? Zumba and a brisk walk home this morning and coffee with a good friend this afternoon. Chores tomorrow 🙂

      1. Western Washington State. We have a place in Westport on the coast and it is always grey and damp. It is the ocean though and that makes it okay! 🙂

  5. Hi Jo,
    It’s kind of a murky day here, too. Not rainy, though. Just overcast with a solid grey cloud cover. And colder than the days before. For me, a perfect day to stay inside, maybe have a fire in the fireplace, and read or watch tv.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Sounds like a good plan, Pit. It was bright, white and slippy here this morning, but I enjoyed my zumba session, and then coffee with a friend this afternoon. Oops, there’s another day gone! Have to do some chores tomorrow. 🙂

  6. I spent many a childhood afternoon on Roker beach (and sometimes Seaburn, but we lived just the other side of Roker Park so this was handier). Recognised it at once, even if some of the details have changed in the intervening decades.

    1. It’s had a bit of an update lately, Annabel, including the curly wurly wrought iron. Not sure why the locals don’t seem pleased with the council. There were billboards and slogans on cars giving them a very hard time 🙂

  7. Bede’s memorial is delightful as is the wrought-iron thingy-me-bob in your first shot. And I am truly amazed at that playground, beats the tarmaced, scruffy, 2 swings (one usually broken) space that was known as the (W)Rec(k) recreation ground of my youth… but it does look mightily grey out there!

    1. The wrought iron thingummy Bob is new to me, too. I did a walk post on Roker pier a while ago, and they’ve spent quite a bit of money livening up the sea front and playground area. Yes, Andrew’s comment is about right. Kids must be made of cottonwool these days 🙂 We beat a hasty, wet retreat 🙂

      1. Scraped knee and it is a visit to A&E!
        And I took another look at the wrought-iron whotsit and saw they have incorporated large pebbles in it. Really nice bit of railing / sculpture. Must be getting quite gentrified oop north 😀

  8. Wonderful wrought iron honey! and the playground is cool as well. You’ve made me want to go to the sea, but I have chores to do 😦
    Bede’s memorial is fascinating, a lovely combination of ancient and modern design, have you posted about it before?

    1. I’d hardly remembered it was there, Gilly. We usually walk along the beach or the lower prom, but the weather was inclement, to say the least and we took the shortest route back. I took quite a lot of shots of it and was going to keep them, but I have no self restraint! Will have to Google it! I also remembered the Winter Gardens at Sunderland, which would have been great for Jude, when it was too late. 😦 Might go up that way next week 🙂 The sky is bright but the roads are looking icy and slippy after a bit of overnight snow so I’m not really looking forward to venturing forth to zumba.

      1. Ugh snow, I wouldn’t go out in that for Zumba, give me a cosy chair and a book, but you enjoy my love! I’m sure Jude will be delighted with a winter gardens post from Sunderland. There is just so much to see and do isn’t there? I can never understand boredom!

      2. Just possibly 🙂 In Leeds on Friday so I will be looking out for Winter gardens there too. Why am I so good to you? Must be your appealing personality 🙂

      3. I don;t think of Leeds and Sheffield being far apart as I lived between the tow for many years. Never visited gardens then though as I had my own to look after.

  9. Danke für diese wunderbaren und eindrücklich Bilder vom stürmischen Tag entlang dem Kliff nach Bede’s Memorial. Es ist sehr nett von Dir, dass Du mich auf diesen Besuch mitgenommen hast. Ernst

  10. I like seeing the sea even when it is murky. And looking forward to Monday’s waterfalls with you Jo
    Snow for you! Have you got much?
    By the way your link on Six Word is to an old post (pre-Christmas)

    1. Just a gentle covering on the roads, Debs. It’s probably more ice than snow 😦 Not really looking forward to testing it.
      I wonder why it’s doing that, Debs? It did the same last week, to a different post! Not sure how people are finding me- must be from the Reader.
      This was going to be a Monday walk but I’ve done Roker before, and it’s all a bit grey, isn’t it? Atmospheric, huh? 🙂

      1. They were much more fun when I was a boy. The amazingly dangerous witch’s hat, long slides that ended in a muddy puddle, concrete surfaces that you could graze your knees on and roundabouts you could trap your leg underneath. Those were the days!

      2. I swear Andrew and I must have grown up in the same place! Last week it was the beach, this week the same playground, though I am not so sure what a witches hat is?

      3. No. We were obviously deprived in Yorkshire 😦 We did have little roundabouts that you had to run like hell and push to get moving then leap on board and hope you didn’t fall off. They made me feel sick. Oh, and sometimes a rubbish see-saw.

      4. That’s a teapot lid you’ve described. I hated them! (and the waltzers at fairgrounds 😦 ) I was only ever fit for those rubbish see-saws. 🙂

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