Jo’s Monday walk : Bowlees and Low Force


Last week I left you on a glorious late December day, in the heart of Teesdale, on the North Pennines.  If you remember, I recommended you to the Bowlees Visitor Centre.  It looked very attractive from the outside but, as it is closed till half term, I can’t testify to the food.  The website does mention homemade cakes and scones and local produce, so you can’t go far wrong.

Who would have expected such a day, in the midst of all that rain?  No wonder High Force was looking thunderous and beautiful.  We can move on now, to it’s little, but no less lovely sister, Low Force.

A lane leads down from the Visitor Centre and access to the falls is across a field. (a bit swampy, on this occasion)  Through a stone gate, there’s a drop down to Wynch Bridge, suspended across the River Tees.  The rush of water below is dramatic.  Better yet, off to your right, you catch a glimpse of the tumbling falls.  Cross over the bridge and you can follow the footpath all the way back to High Force.

And we’re back to that idyllic scenery.  Look closely at the next photo and see if you can spot what’s happening there, at the falls.



Get ready for an action shot!


Whoo-hoo!  Much braver than me!  There were two youngsters in the canoes, and an older gentleman taking photographs.  It seems they had to keep running the falls till he got a photo he was satisfied with.  What a task master!



Climbing out again didn’t look all that easy!  And nobody stayed dry- not even the photographer!  But at least they all survived to tell the tale.

Well!  That was exciting, wasn’t it?  And I have to say, completely unexpected.  Let’s have a more tranquil look around now, before we carry on back to High Force.  Note the fungi beneath the trees, and a ‘fossil’ on the wall.

And what could be more calming than sheep?  Can you read the message in stone?  I couldn’t really argue.  Could you?


A wonderful place to be a walker!  I think so, too.  Let’s wander slowly, back along the river, to our start point at High Force.


I didn’t get great shots of High Force so I’ll obviously have to go back again.  I think the best vantage point would be from the path above the falls- on the Pennine Way, as you’ll see from the map.

walking logo

Time to put the kettle on now, I think, and settle in for a read.  Many thanks to you all for the shares and the appreciation.  If you would like to join in with a walk of your own, details are on my Jo’s Monday walk page.  Just click on the logo above.  You’ll be very welcome.


I have a scoop for you this week!  A world first!  And you get to see lovely Sue Slaught on video, too…

Walking with the Penguins in Calgary- a Royal Ramble

The Glasgow Gallivanter!  Doesn’t that sound gay?  It’s Anabel!  New Year, new name, same quality :

Loch Ard walks

Would you believe, Jackie’s STILL in Mexico?

Monday Walk : Mazatlan Mexico

And Amy wasn’t too far away from there, in Sarasota, Florida :

Monday Walk: Marina Jack Trail

A year-round park to use up some calories?  Sounds useful!  Thanks, Corey :

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation : Westchester’s Largest Park

And what could be more lovely than a lavender farm?

Lavender Pathways

Drake isn’t a bit selfish with the snow.  He has lots to spare!

White walking

There could be a few wet feet about this week!

Buddha Caves of Vang Vieng

And while we’re being exotic, Cathy still has some tales to tell from Myanmar :

A day at Mount Popa & the Popa Taung Kalat Monastery

That’s it for now!  Hope you enjoyed it.  I think this might be a good time to mention, for any of you thinking of sharing a walk, that I have one more walk to share next week, and then I will be missing for two weeks.  The Algarve is calling- you know how it is!  While I’m gone you can check out those lovely ladies at Monday Escapes.


  1. I’d love to give this a try one of thes days! Love the stone sheep, and your photos and writing as always beautiful. Still think that one of the waterfall looks like a painting 🙂

  2. Wonderful account of your walk with some gorgeous shots Jo! I would never be game to go rafting but it makes for some good action shots and the falls are beautiful – definitely a “wonderful place to be a walker”! Enjoy your sojourn in the Algarve and hopefully plenty of sunshine 🙂

  3. For some reason, many of your photographs here reminded me of paintings from The Hudson River School. Just marvelous. And I loved the contrasts of the crazy canoeists and the ever relaxed sheep that followed later. Good stuff as always Jo.

  4. Ohh my, I could never go down the waterfall with a canoe! I’m so afraid of heights!
    But what a stunning place, must be beautiful hiking there! 😀

    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes and have a great week!!

    1. Hi Smidge 🙂 Lovely to meet you! I think I visited the botanic gardens in Edinburgh a long while ago, but have no recollection of them so I’ll pop over and have a look. If you’re into gardens, Jude at Travel Words would probably like your blog too. 🙂

  5. You’re so lucky (or we’re so lucky) you were at that spot at the right time to get pictures of those kayaks, Jo. What fantastic action shots! I love the caption below the sheep – that would make a great image for the top of your ‘Jo’s Monday Walk” page 😀

  6. After all the rain is the very best time to see waterfalls Jo and these are magnificent photos. You did very well capturing such a sharp image of the kayak just going over the lip. My heart would be in my mouth for their safety, ah the impetuousness of youth… Loved the sheep and very appropriate caption. Now was that fossil a real one? It looked a bit contrived… Now to put on the jug and visit the other walkers now I am home I have the time to wander through cyber space. Be careful my friend on those slippery walks.

    1. No, not a real one, Pauline. Just a touch of whimsy 🙂 Shell shocked this morning because I was up at 5, watching Rafa in the Open, and it’s all over! Still struggling to believe it. 😦

  7. Having looked a your pics I’ve decided that kayaking in rapids isn’t for me! Fab captures and I bet the photographer was surprised to have a bit of competition! Love those sheep…

  8. First, I know that those rapids are not very high, but I had to avert my eyes when I got to your photo of the kayaker going over the edge. Second, what could be more wonderful than seeing those stone sheep while out walking? I love how you are always revealing these tiny unexpected surprised on your genteel outings.

    1. I stood transfixed and mildly horrified for a while before I could even raise the camera. 🙂 It’s such a joy to seek out some of those ‘surprises’. And sometimes almost as much of a joy to share them. Thanks for your lovely company.

  9. Why does it always take me so long to comment? Because there’s so much to savour. This time, the stone walls, the white houses, the walkers with dog, that small gap between standing stones that I wouldn’t fit through, those kayakkers, the muted colours, the light, that splendid last photo perfectly composed – and the language associated with the geology: dolerite, whinstone, Cronkley Scar, Cauldron Snout. Thank you again for great pleasure as I prepare to go and photograph beach architecture on a quiet Tuesday morning: the mob are off camping on the block that inspired last year’s purchase.

  10. Those young people are crazy, I would have to be paid a vast sum of money to canoe down there. A lovely walk honey, the sheep and fossil are fab. Lots of great entries this week too, the penguin walk, now wouldn’t that be fun?

  11. The walk looks lovely and what fun for the canoeists! My friends in Lancashire still regularly go out with their canoes (or is it kayaks!) but on the bigger lakes in the Lake District, even in the middle of winter. I’m too much of a softie, but admire them heaps and they have lots of fun.

  12. Lovely spot Jo. Well worth a visit I think. Especially once the tea-room is open 🙂 And how fortuitous to be in the right spot for the kayaks? I really don’t envy them climbing out of there though. I bet you are counting the days now to your return to Tavira. Had any of the white stuff yet? We are still damp, grey and depressed 😦

    1. A little bit of white stuff, but it never lingers here (touch wood!) because we’re on the coast. We went north on this morning’s walk to a country park and it was decidedly dangerous. Icy and slippy underfoot. No broken bones thus far 🙂

  13. I thought we were getting in the kayak for a minute Jo! Wow that does look adventurous. Great shots of the action my friend! Nicely done! Thank you ever so much for sharing the penguin walk. So sweet of you. xo

    1. It’s a great ‘walk’, Sue! I’m sure I must have some penguin followers out there somewhere 🙂 If I didn’t, I will have now.
      Hmm- I’m just one of life’s observers.

  14. Wow, Jo, another gorgeous walk. Your first picture reminds me a bit of some of the farms I saw at Antietam, except I didn’t have the luck to capture them with such beautiful clouds. The Low Force looks amazing, and what serendipity to catch those kayakers going over the falls. What fun! Too bad the center was closed so you couldn’t get your scones. I know how you count on those to top off your walks. 🙂 Looks like another respite is in store for you in the Algarve. Lucky you!! Love and hugs. xxx

  15. These pictures are so lovely. I didn’t cheat! I clicked on the picture telling us to look for what’s coming at the falls. I didn’t see anything but did notice the orange thing over to the left side. 🙂 Then found out what it was. 😦 All’s well that ends well. 🙂

  16. That photographer was more committed than I would be or else had a dodgy camera!!
    Can’t wait to see you out her – we’re away 2nd til 6th but otherwise around 😊

    1. We were a bit disappointed the Visitor Centre wasn’t open, Viv, but the odds on a lovely day like that in between Christmas and New Year weren’t great. We’ll report on the cake when we go back 🙂 Thanks, hon. It was a great day out!

  17. What an interesting and exciting area for a walk, and those falls are awesome…..they are very brave kayakers! You picked the right day to walk that way Jo and get those great pics.

  18. You certainly find some fabulous places to walk,, looking forward to the warmer, dryer weather, and to take my camera out… keep ’em coming’ as they say. 😉

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