Lazy Poet’s Winter Garden

Hellebore 2

Hellebore, my friend,

Tilting up your Winter smile.

Stay with me, till Spring?


Use your imagination, said Jude.  I really didn’t need to.  They were just waiting for me to notice them, so I could enter the  Winter Garden challenge this week.  My Lazy Poet friend Gilly found some too.  We now have a chorus of hellebore!


      1. Yes and the hint of color and soft focus is also winter fitting too – and speaking of winter – we
        Might be getting our first snow tomorrow – ❄️❄️❄️❄️and I am actually ready! Ha

      2. Well I do not think we will get too much – some winters our area – Richmond – gets missed completely – think it has to do with where we are in relation to mountains and air streams – but if we shovel I am coming back with a photo – ha

  1. I have never seen hellebore flowers before…likely because I lived most of my life in colder climates where such a beautiful ‘Winter’s Flower’ would have no chance of survival. Lovely haiku

    1. The things we take for granted, Lisa! I always think our garden looks so bleak and uninviting in Winter, but these pretty things were there just waiting to be found. Snowdrops in the front garden too 🙂

    1. So funny, Meg! When I went to Gilly’s to ‘link up’ I thought I’d hit the Publish button early by mistake 🙂 But the reality check- her photo is much finer and the Spring waltz, quite perfect. 🙂

  2. Jo are you telling me these are growing where you live? I just finished shoveling snow yet again. All plants are still or possibly shivering under their white blankets at the moment.

    1. Well, our snowdrops have been misguidedly waving the flag for Spring for a little while, Sue. 🙂 They’re in the tiny front garden, but the hellebores were hiding ‘out back’. It’s been too wet to venture out there so, nice surprise 🙂 We did have just a dusting of snow yesterday. Commiserations. 😦 You’ll be off to warmer climes soon? 🙂

  3. These are lovely photos. I was given a hellebore in a pot as an indoor plant just before Christmas and it seemed to be doing well at first, but now it is looking a little sad, so I have put it outside to take its chance and if it survives it will be going into the ground to flower, hopefully, next Christmas.

    1. I’ve never come across them as an indoor plant, I must admit. Ours keep coming back year on year. They were uprooted and split only a couple of months ago because we had some garden shenanigans with new fences. They don’t seem to have objected at all 🙂

  4. So beautiful – love the little freckles. At first, I was surprised I’d never run into these, then the mention of snow … no doubt they would never survive a hot, dry climate. Ahh, the benefits of rain and cold.

  5. I so love hellabores, Jo, and especially the freckly ones. Not too far away from us is Ashwoods nursery that holds the national collection. To visit when all are blooming is to induce feelings of almost insuperable greed. I am only reined in by the lack of suitable garden around my house. I do have one or two or three though 🙂

    1. Or five? Do show, Tish! Jude’s are a failure this year 🙂 Ours had to be moved and split up when we had garden fences replaced this Summer and they’re still happy.

      1. Will see what I can do, Jo – hunting the hellabores. We’ve had some snow now. Not enough to be scenic though – just cold after all this hot winter. Brrr.

    1. So pretty, Jill! Anything but calm here this morning when I battled through wind and snow to meet a friend for her birthday lunch. Ended well though- we got free choc fudge cake! 🙂

  6. Now that’s a pleasant surprise, I was expecting crimson coloured cyclamen (there has to be a haiku in that somehow), but I shall happily accept your hellebore, since mine shows absolutely no sign of flowering this year 😦
    (and I see you have been playing again, very pretty frosty window 😀 )

    1. The cyclamen photos didn’t turn out so well and I knew you had a dearth of hellebore. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Gilly’s post this morning. I shouted Snap! loud enough to wake the street 🙂 I was going for a snowy effect. If I’d waited a little longer I could have had the real thing! Chaos on the roads up here this morning but it’s gone again now.
      If you read this in time to watch The One Show I believe they’re featuring the sea glass project this evening. I imagine in conjunction with Lumiere showing in London this weekend.

  7. Here in Italy they are called “bucaneve”( which means that they make a hole in the snow!) and it’s so pleasant to see them here and there during a snowfall ….
    Your photos are particularly poetic and delicate, but I see no snow all around!

    1. We call them Winter or Lenten roses but I’d forgotten. 🙂 The snow is just around the corner! I’m heading for Newcastle today and I’m told it’s snowing there 😦

  8. You have brightened up the day for the hellebore and all of us with the lovely photos and the poem, Jo! 🙂 I’m partial to this flower, but not so to your artistic work. 🙂

    1. It’s such a pretty thing, isn’t it, Dina? 🙂 I often use the flower heads to float in a glass bowl, but I still have flowers from my Christmas visitors. Thanks a lot 🙂 Hope you’re having a happy week!

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