Six word Saturday


Oh no! Not a duck decoy!

Hello ducky!

Hello ducky!

His friends are looking worried!

His friends are looking worried!

But this guy's not going anywhere

But this guy just refuses to move

It's ok- there's plenty of food

It’s ok- there’s plenty of food

Yes- but there could be a storm approaching

Yes- but there could be a storm brewing

It's fine- look, I've found a shelter

It’s fine!  Look, I’ve found a shelter

And it's big enough for all of us

And it’s big enough for all of us

No!!!!! Can't you read! It's a decoy!

No!!!!!  Can’t you read?  It’s a decoy!

Well, thank goodness we spotted that in time!

Well, thank goodness we spotted that in time!

Strolling in the country park at Sedgefield last week, I spotted the duck decoy sign.  I’d never noticed it before but it gave rise to my little Saturday story. (if you magnify the sign, you will see that it was a method of trapping ducks for the table at the ‘big house’)   Hope it gave you a smile.

And while I’m in the park, here are two photos I took on the boardwalk, just perfect for Verena’s Festival of Leaves.  It’s a lovely autumnal challenge you might like to visit.  But don’t forget to pop in on Cate, will you?  Happy Saturday everybody!



  1. I notice that I’ve just become the 100th blogger to “like this,” which is a first for me, and it couldn’t have happened on a neater post! Love the pix and your captions.


  2. A beautiful story with lovely little creatures and gorgeous colours! I’m happy that you shared it as part of the festival. It’s perfect! Thanks! xx


  3. I love the color in these photos, and clarity. The ducks are cool, but those leaves…Rock!
    I didn’t link up again for the walk this week because my post wasn’t really a walk, it was more a tour of the world, and being “careful” in it.


    1. No worries 🙂 It’s silly o’ clock in the morning and I couldn’t sleep so I thought I might as well start writing the walk. Will pop over in a tick. I hate it when the clock changes but, hey it’s another hour of life, isn’t it? 🙂


  4. adoro le oche! Anche un mio vicino ha oche bianche che spesso fuggono dal suo giardino della sua villa e stanno in mezzo alla strada( non è molto transitata, per fortuna 9 e non c’è verso di farle spostare, neppure strombazzando con il clakson! quando sono in comodo si spostano.
    Immagini di grande eleganza e di pace
    buonanotte Jo


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