Six word Saturday


Are you ready to be frightened?



Maybe not so scary?

Maybe not so scary?

NOT a good advertisement for this cafe!

NOT a good advertisement for this cafe!

But this one's definitely hungry

But this one’s definitely hungry- sugar mouse, anyone?

I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween but I hate to be a killjoy.  You have to enjoy the ingenuity and enthusiasm on display.  The cafe in our local park has put the Christmas tree up, but decorated it Halloween style.  Just a few adjustments and they’ll be good to go for another festive season. Help!!!  It’s barely November…

Have a great Saturday, however you spend it!  Cate was very late last weekend so I missed many of you with my duck tales.  Hope it was a good one. Don’t forget to share your six words, if you can.



  1. Must admit I’m with Jude about Halloween, but then it is not big over here in Australia, at least not round our part of town. But did think your Halloween decorations were very imaginative


  2. Well that’s a first, a Christmas tree decorated Halloween style! I’m glad for the fun of it but always happy when it’s over and time to look forward to family birthdays and Christmas. And how time flies 😮 Great fun here, hope you had a good weekend Jo 🙂


  3. I’m not a fan at all Jo but am gracious to all the door knockers (more so than the dog it always sends him into a frenzy)! It’s actually our elder daughter’s birthday on Halloween, so we were out down at her place for most of the day and by the time we got home we were only “troubled” by 1 group of kids this year ..yay! Dog not happy though he must have had a procession at the front door before we came back! Have a lovely week! 🙂


  4. If this is a motive more to celebrate something……ok , but , here in Italy , it seems it’s just a commercial event , as we imported this tradition from abroad , Just about thirty years ago , I’d say…..


    1. In Italy All Saint’s Day is the special occasion, isn’t it? The same as in Portugal, but trick or treating and dressing up seems to happen in the schools there too. 🙂


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