Six word Saturday


A few random images of Poland

The spires of the Mariacki Church will always say Krakow to me

The spires of the Mariacki Church will always spell Krakow to me

Sunflower heads on the market

Sunflower heads on the market

A gallery from Ogrod Botanyczny (the Botanic Gardens) for Jude– click any photo for a close-up

An adorable ball of fluff!

An adorable ball of fluff!

And a few more wedding memories

Ending with cake, of course!

Ending with cake, of course!

I expect you can see, we had a good time in Poland!  If you missed The joy of a wedding you might want to take a closer look at the celebrations.  I will be rounding off my Polish excitement with a monastery in my Monday walks.  Till then, have a great weekend, and don’t forget to pop in on Cate with your six words.



  1. I love the fruit tart in the end. It is not really a cake for me otherwise it would be loaded with calories. It has plenty of fruits so it is healthy and good for you, don’t you agree?

  2. I recognised the Mariacki, and like the look of the restaurant – shame I have to reduce my calorie intake drastically to deal with recent excesses!
    The flowers are gorgeous, you wouldn’t know from your photos that the garden wasn’t fab. I’ve heard of a coral tree but never seen on, how spectacular, lucky you. Do I spot a bridesmaid in a long blue dress?

    1. You do! 🙂 Well spotted. There were so many good looking restaurants but as there was always a wonderful meal (and cake!) waiting at home for us we didn’t really get chance to sample any. 🙂

  3. Keep posting Poland. We need to remember its pleasures to tempt us away from here next year. Cakes are a great draw, as are the churches. No weddings for us for 20 years or so! But you keep revealing interesting rituals.

    Sunflowers? I think I’ve seen people eating seeds straight from the flower.

  4. Absolutely amazing shots Jo! I love the flowers! They are so pretty and the bride look so lovely. Be glad the Vervets weren’t there. They would have enjoyed that fruit cake. 😆

    Thanks for sharing these lovely moments. 😀 ♥

    1. I discovered a ‘New Year’s cake’ in the back of my kitchen cupboards the other day, Sonel. It’s looking at me accusingly and I know if I once cut into it there’ll be no stopping. I love fruit cake! Maybe I was a Vervet in a former life? 🙂
      Sunday hugs, darlin’!

      1. hahahah Jo! I won’t blame you and maybe you were. 😆

        Thanks darlin’ and lots of Sunday hugs for you as well. ♥

  5. I like the look of that tarte tatin at the end there, a slice would be nice right now, with cream please. And thank you for taking me to the Botanic Garden, you know how much I love a stroll though a garden – very similar flowers to what we have here, except for that coral tree! You obviously had a great time over there 🙂

    1. I enjoyed it, for definite. 🙂 The gardens were a disappointment. Often enough botanic gardens seem neglected. There was an enormous palm house and the plants inside looked well cared for but there was no public access and the building looked in almost dangerous condition. It was a grey day so nothing looked its best but I did the best I could for you (names aside 🙂 )

      1. I’m not so keen on the formality or size of some of those gardens, though now you come to mention it there are some beauties in Italy and I would love to visit Giverny given the chance. And the Botanic Garden in Madeira…

      2. Oh, Giverny! I might have to go back and look at my photos. 🙂 After a miserable foggy morning the sun finally arrived this afternoon and as soon as Dad had eaten lunch and watched the football I scooted him out of the door and off I went to Wynyard Hall gardens. Very nice! 🙂

      3. A beautiful day here too after a glorious apricot sunrise. Roast carvery at the local and then a lovely walk around the river followed by coffee and cake before heading home. A grand day out 😀

      4. Ahem… how can I say this politely?
        Up, then back to bed again. I did contemplate going downstairs for a camera but when you are on the third floor… well I thought again. Must remember to take the little point and shoot upstairs with me.

  6. What a great collection Jo. From delicious treats to happy times. I have never seen sunflowers being sold in a market like that. Perhaps here we have such a hard time to grow them so that is why.

    1. It’s an interesting country, Roberto. The wedding was at Chorzow in the industrial core of Poland, yet there was a huge and beautiful park there. Happy to have your company. 🙂

    1. The Botanic Gardens were a bit of a disappointment for such a beautiful city, Viv, but you can always find beauty if you look for it, can’t you? The money must be spent elsewhere. And there’s always cake…. 🙂

  7. hai fatto un bel mix! tutto adorabile,sprattutto le foto dei fiori piumosi al giardini botanico! gli agapantus bianchi e azzurri in estate sono fioriti anche nel mio giardino , avevo portato i bilbi da uno dei miei viaggi a Madeira! Passa un sabato felice amica Giovanna!

    1. Happy Saturday to you too, Annalisa 🙂 The agapanthus were not like the variety we normally see but I thought they must be the same family. Thank you for your lovely company. Sending hugs!

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