1. I remember those leg o’ mutton sleeves making a come-back in the ’60s wedding dresses though not quite as enormous as they wore in the 1830s. Her blouse is quite pretty actually, but oh, my goodness, I could never learn Polish!

      1. Does your Dad speak Polish then? I mean I know he must have but I am assuming that if you don’t he didn’t use it in the house when you were growing up. I guess you never forget your native tongue though.

      2. He doesn’t have good grammar and struggles a bit to read it because he didn’t have much schooling, but he speaks it very naturally and fluently. If I try to talk to him in Polish he can rarely understand me because my pronunciation is off. 😦 Yes- it would have been a huge advantage to learn it at home. I think Mam spoke it a little, but then, she could charm the birds off the trees in any language. 🙂

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