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Hello, and how are you all?

The 'tents' return to Tavira

The ‘tents’ return to Tavira

What a fortnight, but what to select to show you what I’ve been up to?  In brief, of course.  More by luck than planning, the Mediterranean Diet Fair took place whilst I was in Tavira, which accounts for those little white tents and the variety of goodies within. It marked the end of an extremely hot Summer, in which the evenings were soothed by riverside entertainment.

The floodlit castle walls took on a magic of their own

The floodlit castle walls took on a magic of their own

And the churches opened their doors to show everyone the beauty inside

And the churches opened their doors to show everyone the beauty inside

Including the incomparable beauty of the Misericordia Church

Including the incomparable beauty of the Misericordia Church

With its wonderful azulejo panels

With its wonderful azulejo panels

The days were spent mostly wandering beaches.  I discovered a new obsession with buoys.  And I continued my exploration along the west coast of Portugal, up into the beautiful Alentejo.

Zambueira do Mar in the Alentejo

Zambueira do Mar in the Alentejo

Then there was the excitement that was the Medieval Fair at Castro Marim, with both castelo and mighty fortress an arena for combat, and an array of stalls and distractions.  Plus an evening of sand sculptures at FIESA.

Adding colour to Beethoven at FIESA

Adding colour to Beethoven at FIESA

I even managed to combine Morning Glory for Gilly with a hint of metal bench for Jude!  Yes, it was a fine holiday, and there are many tales to tell.  Gilly is going to the Algarve soon herself, and Jude always extends a warm welcome, so pop in and say ‘hi’ to them both.

A bench at Cacela Velha

A bench at Cacela Velha

I have to decide where to take you walking on Monday, and then I have a wedding in Poland, so I’ll miss Six word Saturday again next week.  I hope you’ve all had a great Summer, and if you’d like to share it with Cate I’m sure she’d be pleased.  See you soon!



    1. The warm Summer evenings are so atmospheric, Ad. It’s still sunny back here in the UK but I know old Jack Frost’s not far away. I need the memories to keep me warm. 🙂 Thanks, hon.

  1. I liked this so much. I have really enjoyed coming over to see your beautiful views of Portugal, Jo. The village curved streets with church, cafe tables with golden hues, gorgeous ancient castle and wondrous ocean waves were special of you to share with us. I like being a “savvy tourist” with you as my guide, Jo. 🙂

  2. Some lovely sights here – I could almost hear the calm sound of those waves breaking on the beach. Unlike you, Portugal is a place I don’t know at all so thank you for sharing your visits!

  3. It all looks wonderful! I am recently home from a visit to wintry Melbourne, enjoying the beginnings of Spring here in the sub-tropics.

    1. Trying so hard to keep Autumn at bay, Rosemary! We seem to alternate nice days with nasty ones since we got back. I think that after Poland I’ll have to concede that it’s here but I’ll still have these lovely memories. 🙂

  4. Oh no, I’ve missed the diet fair, never mind I’ll just have to keep on pigging out and stay pleasantly plumptious 😉 Gorgeous photos, the church is glorious, is the cathedral as good? The morning glory is very different from ours here isn’t it? I’m a vodka girl rather than gin but tangerine flavour sounds like a very good idea 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m bouncing by the way and it isn’t likely to stop for a while!

    1. I would be too, Gilly! 🙂 (bouncing!) The diet fair had some of the most delicious fig, almond and carob cakes you ever saw. Your kind of diet? 🙂
      The Igreja da Misericordia and the Carmo church are the two biggest in Tavira. Misericordia, shown here, is the stunner but they’re all lovely in their own way. The Se, or cathedral, is in Faro town. I’m excited for you! Will drop you one last line or two tonight. Up to my ears in washing, ironing and the less wonderful aspects of life. But only for a little while 🙂

    1. I don’t like excessive heat, Becky, and it has been a very hot Summer, but we were lucky and it was just cool enough to get around. Lots of beach trips to keep the other half happy, but a fair bit of excitement for me too. 🙂

  5. I just love everything I see Jo! What a treat! The beach is my favourite and the shot of the Morning Glory is just perfect. I can see you are having lots of fun. Enjoy my friend and thanks for the awesome virtual tour. 😀 ♥

    1. Just starting to write my Monday walk, Sonel, in between the washing, ironing and Sunday lunch. 🙂 There will be beaches 🙂 Thanks, darlin’. Have a lovely Sunday!

      1. Sounds like you’re working Jo. Blogging and beach walking are way more fun. 😆

        Thanks and the same to you darling. ♥

  6. Well it looks like someone had a great time. The sound of a diet festival rather than food festival is a bit off putting but the word Mediterranean in front explains that it would have been a delicious time there.

    1. It was an allround amazing trip, Draco. We always enjoy the Algarve but there was so much going on at this time, and all of it good! 🙂 I loved the Medieval Fair at Castro Marim especially but haven’t included photos because I couldn’t pick! 🙂 Thanks for your visit.

  7. I thought my beaches were incomparable, but no! I’ve never seen anything like those lines of waves rolling in. A great post and good to have you back briefly. I’m not 100% sure that vodka and dancing mix. Take care and enjoy your Polish family.

    1. Oh but they do, Meg, I assure you! 🙂 I’m practised 🙂 🙂 I almost had my fill of beaches this trip. Almost! 🙂 Will catch up with you when I’ve got my walk started, hon.

  8. Welcome back Jo. I do think Portugal Tourism should hire you on! Oh those beaches and the buoys cranked up my wander lust meter. As you know from your visits to my blog the wedding was a fabulous success. We are basking in the afterglow of such a lovely time. Have a fun wedding in Poland!

    1. Hi Sue 🙂 I definitely enjoyed your daughter’s wedding and am prepared to enjoy my Polish one even more. (I get to eat cake, drink vodka and dance- more or less simultaneously 🙂 ) Thanks, hon!

    1. It was just one of many, Jill! The coast just rolls on and on, beautiful bays unlimited! I was near speechless myself, and you know that doesn’t often happen. 🙂

    1. There are times when it’s mind-numbingly ordinary, Dianne, as I plod through heaps of ironing, but I do try to keep that side of my life to myself. If I ever start posting photos of ironing boards you’ll know I’m in a bad way! 🙂 🙂 I do enjoy your company though 🙂

  9. There is something about the Med in Summer Jo … we’re not that far away really are we ,but with the fickle climate we have I always feel alfresco dining is never really quite the same . Oh and they are SO much more relaxed with it all ..
    Super photos Jo … I love the coastline of course .. 1200 in 2 weeks !! so nice to hear you are still finding new places to explore .

    1. I expect I always will, Poppy, (to Michael’s everlasting sorrow 🙂 ) and how lovely to have you back. I’ve missed your smiling ways 🙂 My first day back I had breakfast in the garden here but no…not the same at all. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Summer!

      1. Aw … yes I have thank you Jo 🙂 It feels like a new term at School and I’m everso slightly nervous Lol …
        September is starting well with the sunshine stakes long may it last !

  10. The murals in that church are divine. I love the photo of people seated outside. So full of that Portuguese ambiance. Have a great time in Polska! Polish weddings…oh they are fun.

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