Clifton windows, Bristol

Who'd live in a house like this? Me, please!

Who’d live in a house like this? Me, please!

I probably shouldn’t, but I never did have any willpower, and I know you’ll want one last Bristol stroll with me.  You do, don’t you?  I promise to keep it short.

The plaque, Sir Abraham Roberts, a distinguished Indian general, in case you wonered

The plaque, Sir Abraham Roberts, a distinguished Indian general, in case you wondered

We seem to be in a very genteel and affluent area of Bristol but, as I stroll, people are going about their every day, and we nod and exchange smiles.  It’s good to be here.

I am purely following my nose, and hoping that I will arrive somewhere I recognise.  I hadn’t realised that Clifton had such mighty architecture as Royal York Crescent.  Adjoining Clifton Village, it is a Grade II listed terrace of 46 houses.  Allegedly the longest terrace in Europe, building began in 1791 but was not completed until 1820.  What is indisputable is that the views from up here are far reaching.

Next, a treat for shoppers

Next, a treat for shoppers

Clifton Arcade is the very height of temptation.  Small, but perfectly formed, it has ’17 unique shops set in Victorian splendour’. Originally opened in 1878, it then fell into disrepair. Beautifully restored, you can even take a virtual tour on the link I have enclosed, and pop in for coffee at the Primrose Cafe.

I have a daughter who would adore this window

I have a daughter who would adore this window

A veritable Aladdin's cave of nostalgia

A veritable Aladdin’s cave of nostalgia

I promised to be short, so maybe this is a good time to leave you browsing.  There are modern items alongside the nostalgia.  Have fun, won’t you?  I really do need to go.

For those of you I have confused (sorry, Meg) I have a 2 week laze about in the Algarve, then am home for 6 days before gallivanting off to a wedding in Poland.  Sigh!  The things you have to do to be Restlessjo.  But first I must link to Dawn, who loves lingering at windows.

No more Bristol!  Toodle pip!



      1. Jo, take your time. I have wandered off to Jordan for a few days on a bloggers FAM trip hosted by the JTB! Back on the 16th. Hope to catch up with you all and my pending posts and comments then.


    1. I think you’d really like it Richard. We’re currently gallivanting up the west coast of the Alentejo. Can’t stay put forever. Got a nice little hotel for the night with free Wifi so I’m having a quick WP while Mick dozes. Back to the Algarve tomorrow. Love to Kat x

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  1. inspired me to have a look at more photos of Royal York Crescent. I’m fascinated by it and the one in Bath. What a delightful blog entry, thanks.

    And I’m sorry to be so long in getting back to visit your blog.


    1. Hi Jesh! Bejing sounds wonderfully exotic thank you. I probably can’t view it till I’m back in the UK. Currently in the Alentejo. Window shopping only but more looking at beaches.


  2. Positively Dreamy!

    Love the Architecture ! All white washed with baskets a-bloom, gasp! I linked over to the Arcade site and fell for every shop. I’m stunned that the jewellery shop is able to hang such exquisite drapes on the exterior of their shop. That’s charming and unusual. They’d be full of summer bugs then snow here. Bristol hadn’t ever been on my holiday radar, but perhaps I should re-think this. Thank you for such a lovely introduction. Enchante’!


  3. Talk aout reverse culture shock! Until I opened your post, I’ve been immersed in off-the-blacktop cultures where burros and cattle roam the streets at night or toucans fly overhead. And then I scroll down your post, and the images jolt my cyber-tired eyes and I am fully awake and gawking like an Indian that’s just seeing the modern world for the first time!

    It’s always a treat to see your world, and I am missing so many walks w/you. Am glad to catch a fw before weaning back into the cloud forest.



      1. hey dear amiga
        i miss you, and not having internet at the property is one of the only problems there…you are with me in spirit every day as i try to make my friends’ property smile a bit more — i walk and see new things on the property on an hourly basis 12/7….i throw on brakes the other 12 hours and work on art or just cook and rest! hope all is going well w/your trip! we’ll catch up one day.

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  4. Monsieur Le Chic’s great grandmother lived in Clifton, Jo and it is certainly a very elegant area with some gorgeous buildings! I love the look of those shops and that window would really draw me in too! Hope you have a lovely time in the Algarve and then at the wedding in Poland too 🙂 Must be travel time – our daughter Mlle is currently staying with friends in the Italian Alps north of Lake Como she is (not surprisingly) having a ball! Monsieur and I are heading off for a few days R and R down in the south west of WA – another beautiful part of the world! Enjoy your trips! 🙂


  5. I recall hearing about this area on an episode of Doctor Who (though it is filmed usually in Wales, isn’t it?). Love that house! And the shop windows are very colorful.


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