Six word Saturday


Home in time for the bluebells!

Is anything quite so entrancing as a bluebell wood?

Is anything quite so entrancing as a bluebell wood?

The raindrops glisten in the sunshine

The raindrops glistening in the sunshine

My first walk when I returned home was through the bluebell woods at Durham.  I was a little sceptical when I set out.  The skies were dreary and rain hung in the air.  But by some touch of fairy magic, as we parked the car, the sun burst through.  The river sparkled, the sheep munched away happily, and the greatest joy of all – a sea of bluebells as far as the eye could wander.

Dappled shade played over the sign

Dappled shade played over the sign

There’s no sign of the railway these days.  Houghall Discovery Trail lies behind the Pumphouse Restaurant and Houghall College, off the A177 road into Durham.  The link will give you a lovely bit of background information.  The name derives from Heugh-Halh, meaning ‘hill spur- water meadow’.  I hadn’t realised the meaning of Heugh (pronounced Hyuff), yet I should have done because over on Hartlepool Headland we have our very own Heugh, or hill spur.

But let’s get back to the bluebells, shall we?

This is probably my favourite shot

This is probably my favourite shot

And even a bench for Jude (but not for this month's challenge)

And even a bench for Jude (but not for this month’s challenge)

And some leaf patterns on a tree for Meg

And some leaf patterns on a tree, for Meg

And everywhere, that sumptuous carpet of blue

And everywhere, that sumptuous carpet of blue

Speckled with 'sometime' white

Speckled with ‘sometime’ white

I could have made this a Jo’s Monday walk, but I’m starting to stockpile my walks.  Nice to just share a few bluebells with friends.  I hope you have a lovely weekend, and it’s probably not too late to find some bluebells.

But first you should play Six Word Saturday with Cate at Show My Face.  See you Monday!



  1. Lovely, lovely – nothing like blue flowers! And May woods. Poppytump got me over here – I’ve been unable to roam the blogosphere much for a while due to work constraints. I love the leaf shadows on the tree trunk, too. I hope all is well with you – looks like it is!

    1. Thank you so much, Lynne 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I stopped by yours either. I had to rush off to Nottingham. Bit of a crisis for my daughter, so I’m sorry for my late response. I’ll come calling soon. 🙂

  2. So late over here again Jo, and probably too for the bluebells, but it’s lovely to enjoy your gorgeous photos. Love our beautiful countryside at this time of year especially.

    1. Never too late for my blog, Sherri! I know you have a lot going on 🙂 I was scandalously lazy this afternoon and spent it in the garden! Our first real sunshine this year. May I be excused? 🙂 🙂

      1. Well, honestly Jo, I can’t believe it! Haha…yes, I think you can be excused, such scandelous behaviour is fully justified in this instance 😀

    1. I was on a wild garlic walk today, just before the skies opened and we had the full on thunder and lightning show 🙂 Found a few more bluebells too, but I thought enough was enough 🙂 Thank you!

  3. lovely walk through the bluebells, Jo! you captured very well the beauty of the place, carpeted with bluebells. like in a fairy tale book. 🙂

  4. This with six words on Saturday …. still I can’t get my head around, but with posts and images like this … who cares. Jo, thank you for bringing them … to my spring. There is nothing I miss so much as the blue carpets in spring … over in UK, beside my friends I left behind. Such a stunning view. Especially on piece of forest as you drive in to Portpatrick in Scotland – the ground is totally blue … hardly see any green. My pick is the last image .. even if I love the blue bells … that little pretty white has the main part.

    By the way I have passed on a challenge to you – but no pressure what so ever for joining.

    1. Hi Vivi! 🙂 I turn my back for 2 seconds and here you are! I spent all morning on the laptop because it was raining, then put TV on while I did the ironing. It’s Chelsea Flower Show this week and I love it. Lots of programmes on it and I watch them all!
      I know- my six words are a bit of a joke, but thank you for loving my bluebells 🙂 I bet the challenge is 5 photos, 5 stories 🙂 It’s been going the rounds and I think Sue passed it to you?

      1. Yes, it was Sue that passed it on to me .. I checked if she had passed it on to you before I handed it over. Chelsea Flower Show never been, but I have been to the Hampton Court … twice. I have friends that are at the show just now.

      2. I do too! (have a friend at the flower show) I’d love to go myself 🙂 No worries, Vivi- I have 3 nominations I think, but I just haven’t had time. It needs to fit snuggly between the walks and Mondays come around so fast! 🙂

  5. Heavenly bluebells ! Well done on your captures Jo .. lovely haze in the sunlight … I’ve been on the hunt too this weekend , in fact looking at these you weren’t snapping at my heels where you ;-D

      1. Lol Jo … get away with you 😉
        Mystical yes … I’m just listening to Ronald Binge .. Elizabethan Serenade on Classic FM and feel like I could be tripping through those bluebells …. *tripping eeek I’ve only a mug of tea in hand honest …

    1. Hi Suzanne 🙂 Burning the midnight oil, as usual? I’ve never seen these woods of ours so packed full of them. A little bit special. As are you, hon. Thanks for your visit. 🙂

  6. The carpet of bluebells in the woods are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Jo. I love walking in the woods and seeing all the colors and textures Nature creates.

  7. What a lovely walk through the bluebells, Jo. It makes me think of that song “tiptoe through the tulips” by Tiny Tim. Do you remember him? “Tiptoe through the bluebells!”

    1. Ha! I’m just heading over your way now, Cathy! 🙂 I’m on Pommepal’s Dunedin Chinese garden just about to follow your link. I’ve never fancied cruising (nor had the money) but Milford Sound in NZ almost convinced me. 🙂 Yes- I remember Tim. Welcome to my fairy dell 🙂

      1. I told Pauline that I visited the actual garden, Yuanyuang Garden in Shanghai that Dunedin is modeled after. Whenever I get around to writing about that, I guess she can change her link, if she wants to! I suggested she might want to, but who knows when I’ll get to it. I’m not a fan of cruising, but then I don’t really know as I’ve never done one. Hugs. xxx

      2. Quite often I set off to visit my commenters and get sidetracked when I see another friend. I’d just read your comment to Pauline and said to myself- right, that’s it! Must make time for Cathy 🙂 I’ll be back to carry on but I need to start my Monday walk. Dad’s here, snoozing after lunch…. 🙂 No James this weekend so temporary respite from ironing 🙂

  8. I would love to sit on that bench and just admire those beautiful blue bells. Your favourite photo is also mine as I love how the light is just falling onto that patch of blue and makes it look as though it has a light shining from within and then framed with the spring green leaves, gorgeous Jo.
    Hope your cold is soon better. Was it caught on the flight home? Do you have flu injections in UK? We have them here but this year they were a month late and so many people have colds this year, including us, but we are fully recovered now…

    1. Hello Pauline 🙂 I was about to wing my way to you and Jack. I’m glad my fairy dell brought back happy memories. It was simply a magical sight, even though I was in the company of some 15 walkers. We just stood and stared! ‘Take photos, Jo’ I was told. So I did! (usually they’re saying ‘come on, hurry up 🙂 )
      We do have flu jabs, Pauline, but I didn’t bother, I don’t think I can blame the plane. It was simply much warmer in Krakow than in my frozen north 🙂

  9. I really agree with Jack – and hoe you find things that bring a post to life! I have never seen bluebell woods quite like this – I have seen some fields – but the woods here have an enchanting feel – indeed – oh – and one little thing – as I read this post I just have this Texas ice cream company in my mind – Just read an article about how a listeria outbreak has really crippled them:

    “Blue Bell Creameries will lay off more than a third of its workforce following a series of listeria illnesses linked to its ice cream that prompted a nationwide recall of all its products, the Texas company announced Friday.”

    anyhow, the beauty I see here reminds me that with a name like blue bell – and with the quality they are known for – well hopefully they will recover.


    1. There’s an icecream van in my upcoming walk, Yvette (or there will be when I get to it!). My husband is a huge fan of the creamy type, covered in monkey’s blood (don’t panic- that’s strawberry sauce to you and me 🙂 ) I wish them good luck!
      Yes, I know this coincides with bluebonnet time. Don’t think I’ll ever see Texas. My associations are the rapeseed and Dorothy in the land of Oz- a whole different story 🙂 Am I rambling this morning? Anyway- thank you for your kind words.

      1. thx for sharing about the straberry sauce – ha! and I am not feeling too sad about the Blue Bell situation – because I just read this:
        “Blue Bell had failed to tell federal or state health officials of repeated findings of listeria at its Oklahoma plant that date back to 2013”
        so looks like a costly CONSEQUENCE – I still feel bad – but someone dropped the ball for a while.
        anyhow, looking forward to seeing the ice cream van…. when you get to it that is…. in the meantime – a cone for u 🍦

  10. You notice things that brings your post to life, the leaf patterns on the tree the white daisies.
    This post brought back memories of a magic Blue bell walk I did.
    Thank you for capturing the atmosphere so well.
    It brought memories flood back of a day that seemed to have been designed especially for Pauline and me.

    1. Oh, Jack- that’s wonderful to know. It brought a huge smile to my face as I pictured the scene. 🙂 I owe you and your lovely lady visits. Be there soon 🙂

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