Window gazing in Kraków

Irresistible stained glass angels

Irresistible stained glass angels

I’m quite partial to a spot of window gazing and there can be few better places than Kraków to indulge. Beneath the cloisters of the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) all kinds of temptation beckon.  I really couldn’t remain outside the shop with the stained glass angels, but my timing was bad. The gentleman behind the counter politely informed me that he was closing for lunch and gave me his card.  So my Polish money stayed in my pocket a while longer!

Click on the gallery below to shop with me

Inside the Sukiennice stalls offer up every kind of indulgence, but no windows, so I contented myself with a stroll around the rather damp Rynek.  There’s a swish cafe above the Sukiennice, with a terrace open to beguiling views of the Rynek Główny, Europe’s largest Market Square.  I didn’t linger long as it started to drizzle.

Lots of windows but not many customers fro the coaches

Lots of windows, but not many customers for the coaches

I actually spent a very interesting couple of hours in the museum beneath the Rynek, Podziemia, which kept me out of the rain very effectively, but more of that another time.  One last shot caught my eye before I headed for home.

But this one, complete with view of the Rynek, may have been my favourite

A fashion window, with a lovely view of the Rynek

I’ve been promising to return to Dawn’s Windows challenge for the longest time.  This month’s windows are so ‘pretty in pink’.  I do hope that you can join me there.


    1. So do Lisbon and Porto- 2 more cities I’m sure you’d love, H 🙂 And they have big hills. Wheeee!!! Maybe NYC? (I’ve never been there)
      Nice to see you, hon. I will endeavour to make my way south. Haven’t visited you or M-R in the longest time. 🙂

      1. So does San Francisco and it was on my list of things to do when I was there in 2009. Until I found out how much it cost. I didn’t do it, deciding it was too expensive. I’ve kicked myself ever since.

        They have them in Lisbon?? Damn. We were there in 2013. Hm. Would have been interesting on those cobbled streets…

        Was just in NYC last Easter. Even if I’d known they had them, I wouldn’t have signed up. It was scary enough crossing the road.

        I’ve watched you flit into my Inbox and across my Reader but I’ve been too tired and slow to catch up and join you on your wanders. Things have eased so hope to see some new sights with you more often.

      2. Oh and forgot to say: I adored Lisbon. Of course, my positive view may have been enhanced by the fact we’d just come from Fes in Morocco…

        A friend was doing the Portugal Camino the next year and I was so desperate to go with her because I so wanted to go back to Portugal. Unfortunately the state of my finances was against me. 😦 One day……

      3. I seemed to remember you’d been to Lisbon 🙂 Finances and a reluctant husband keep a serious curb on my wanderings, but I do my best to jiggle free 🙂 (I love him, really!)

    1. I’ve got the snivels, Sherri, but life as usual. 🙂 I went for a bit of a beach walk this morning to blow the cobwebs away and t’ai chi this afternoon. It’d be lovely to sit in the garden with a book (in between watching tennis 🙂 ) Have a good one yourself 🙂

      1. Hope you’re feeling better Jo…I got over mine fairly quickly. Think it’s doing the rounds. I’ll be over to catch up asap. So cold again today…let’s hope we have summer still to come… Hugs 🙂

  1. Beautiful angels, Jo. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite. I’ve never been to Poland and don’t know much about it so I’m enjoying your posts and photos very much. Thanks!

    1. I have a head start with having a Polish Dad, but until a few years ago I knew very little about it too. I’ve loved my discoveries, so thanks for enjoying them with me. 🙂

  2. Those stained glass angels are so lovely. It’s a shame you didn’t get to buy one (or maybe a few) but perhaps you have a large collection already? I have a vague memory that I heard or read somewhere that Poland is famous for glass but I am not sure if that’s correct. 😉

    1. There do seem to be a lot of glass products, and china too. I suspect it’s the nature of the city that these things come together in somewhere as exotic as Sukiennice. Very lovely, and it would delight me to have a collection of glass angels, but sadly I don’t 😦

    1. Hi Aly and Don 🙂 (may I shorten your name? do say if you don’t like it) Poland does have a distinctive style and some very beautiful cities. Have you got it ‘pencilled in’ for a particular time?

      1. Don’t mind you shortening my name at all, but it’s Ali. Many people call be that. Poland is not yet pencilled in, but Eastern Europe generally is pretty near the top of the list depending on weather and our need to spend 5 months per year in BC for medical insurance. This year we’ll be in Vancouver for may june august nov dec. july sweden. sept oct egypt jordan turkey. Next year is blank but after nov dec in vancouver we’ll be looking for somewhere warm then come northern spring maybe we’ll just head on over 🙂

  3. I love that last shot of high fashion against the reflective backdrop of historic architecture! Great catch !!

    The angel window is lovely – what is it about angels that gives me a feeling of being loved and protected? Now I want to use angel patterns for some tanling. Thanks for that suggestion 😘

  4. Such beautiful angels, but so many to choose from! The shopkeeper was probably too hungry to wait for you to make up your mind which one to buy. Love your last pic. The reflection is stunning. Give yourself a pat on the back. 🙂 xx

  5. Tempting windows indeed. Those Faberge look-alike egg baubles especially caught my eye. The shopkeeper could not have been need of your custom then – a bit like Much Wenlock on a Wednesday 🙂

  6. I’d have been disappointed too Jo … guess business must be good 😉 No lack of windows for gazing at and into then !

    1. It was a public holiday and really quiet in the square when I arrived, about 11, Poppy. When I came out of Podziemia, much later, the place was jumping! 🙂

  7. Hi Jo …I love your post so much , especially the fashion window with the reflections ….your writing always delightful …thank you for taking me along ( I’m glad you didn’t escape on that bike ! ) love and hugs , megxxx

  8. So no angel for Jo, they are really lovely I’d have to go back for one. Krakow is going up the list! Tavira may be replaced by Porto for this year, but not quite given up yet!

    1. Porto is fabulous, Gilly, so you won’t be disappointed, whatever. 🙂 🙂 I did mean to go back, but the day got away with me. Would have been hard to choose. Maybe next time, when it’ll be nearer to Christmas 🙂

  9. How truly delightful. Like you I have been promising Dawn that I will do a windows post. I should have one up by tomorrow.

  10. Krakow looks like a great place to visit, it seems to have a unique feel. I’ve always wanted to go as I think Poland is very underrated and probably not on most peoples travel hotlist. It’s certainly on mine. Jon.

  11. What a pity the shop with the stained glass angels was just shutting for lunch Jo – I would have had to buy something if it been me! Such pretty shop windows and a beautiful square too 🙂

    1. It’s probably just as well, Rosemay- it could have taken me ages to make up my mind 🙂 (but I did love the red one, and the blue, and… see what I mean?)

    1. Gorgeous, aren’t they, Debbie? He kicked me out, very politely, and lost a sale but I don’t know which I’d have bought. 🙂 I did a Monday walk on the city walls and Barbakan which were really fascinating too. Oh, to be in Madrid 🙂

  12. Krakow looks like a lovely place to visit.

    Stained glass angels are very easy to make: at our first exhibition,some of the nativity scene figures sold out the first day, and Jock complained that he’d never before spent the night MAKING virgins and angels.

    The original design was my attempt to bring a little Christmas to our very bare furnished flat in Seychelles, I still bring them out every Christmas.

    1. What a lovely thought that is, Viv! Both you in the Seychelles and Jock making angels 🙂 🙂 I’ll pop over and have a look soon. I’m supposed to be doing ironing and housework (ahem!) but Rafa will be playing soon… yet another distraction. Life’s too short to let it be dull, isn’t it?

      Incidentally- do you know a Finnish blog called Sartenada? I just tweeted/Facebooked some of his wife’s origami, which is absolutely beautiful.

    1. Happy to be of service! 🙂 I have quite a few Krakow posts and I think that you will find it’s a gorgeous city. You should be luckier with the weather too. (I was a little early but was attending a birthday celebration, which couldn’t be moved 🙂 )

  13. I like how you write about your traveling days (with photos), Jo. I just came back from Italy, still trying to figure out how to tell stories. Thanks for an excellent example. Have a great day.

    1. I’m no photographer, Helen. I’m basically just a story teller who likes photos. Mine don’t stand up to close inspection because I don’t edit, but I do love writing the posts. 🙂 Thank you for your kindness.

  14. windows and so much more – really enjoyed this today – and I like the variety – but the ending the reflection is my fav – cool cpature

    1. It’s cold and grey here today, Cathy and I’m still in my PJs! (shock, horror! I’ll have to get dressed soon because a man is coming to look at our fences, which are all a-tumble 😦 ) Will visit with you later 🙂

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