Six word Saturday


Will you be having an


Egg treeMy Easter is fairly quiet, with a few familiar and loved items around me.  Mam always used to make paste eggs and for many years I followed suit.  These days I don’t have anyone to play “jarpies” with me, or hunt for Easter eggs, but I did have a lovely celebration with my lady friends on Maundy Thursday.  Before we met up I had a browse around Newcastle, and couldn’t help but notice that Easter has gotten a whole lot fancier these days.


See what I mean?

Even Shrek's in on the act!

Even Shrek’s in on the act!

Me, I’m happy with a few flowers, the painted eggs I brought back from Poland a few years ago, and a soap duck and chick bought for me by my late Aunt Anna in Kraków’s Rynek Główny.




And on the mantlepiece, a floppy bunny (with eggs hidden inside- thanks, Kath!) and a few cards.



How does Easter look in your home?  Wishing you peace and joy, and a happy heart.

It’s Saturday so it’s time to share your six words with Cate at Show My Face.  I hope you have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday for my walk.



  1. sounds like you had a wonderful Easter, Jo! ours was quiet though we had the usual Filipino spread – lots of food 🙂 and a gorgeous weather, too!


  2. Our 20 year old daughter solemnly asked me if I would send her an Easter basket this year. She didn’t realize the gift she had given me! Other than the flurry of excitement of putting her basket together, ours was pretty quiet too. Still a Happy Easter, and I hope you and your husband had a nice one too. 🙂


    1. A few high spots but mostly quiet, Elisa. 🙂 We’ve just come back from a wonderful day on the Yorkshire Moors, which is kind of my treat to myself for the effort 🙂


  3. My Easter was pretty quiet too. I’m working on Sunday nights now so I slept most of the day in preparation for my shift. I look back ant Easter, as i do with all the holidays and feel a bit melancholy that things have changed so much. but I enjoyed a wonderful family time the weekend of Palm Sunday. Glad some traditions hold out.


    1. Not one? Sheesh! I was quite virtuous too but late afternoon when Dad had gone we had a stroll around our local park. They were having an Easter fair and Mick’s eyes lit up when he saw the icecream van. Does a chocolate wafer with a flake count, do you think? 🙂 🙂

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