Reflections for me almost always mean water.  I have lots of examples, but I don’t like to be too predictable.  This week the opportunity came along to play with a different kind of reflection.

On Saturday mornings I usually go to zumba.  I arrived this week to find the floor littered with feathers.  The cause? A Burlesque Night in aid of our local Macmillan nurses.  Jaki, our teacher, regularly fund raises for the hospice and has completed the Great North Run marathon on their behalf for the past several years.  She has an enormous sense of fun and, in the corners of the room, distortion mirrors beamed back at us.  It was quite hard to focus on zumba!

A mirror and a boa, and the reflected blinds

A mirror, a feather boa, and the reflected blinds

Of course, I have to protect the innocent so my shots can’t be too revealing.

Unlike some, Sadie, Jaki’s beloved poodle, doesn’t have any problems being caught on camera.

Putting on the style!

Putting on the style!

Isn’t she a scene stealer?  You can say hi to Jaki and the girls on Centre Yoga’s Facebook page.

Now it’s time for me to go and see what’s special with Paula this Thursday.  The theme is Reflection if you want to join in.  Paula’s duck looks very pensive.



  1. Oh, what fun! I’ve always wanted to Zumba! I think I would laugh the entire time…where do I sign up for the class with the distortion mirror!?

    1. A proper scamp, but lovable, Suze. 🙂 I was at a girls’s night last night with a very boisterous brown labradoodle. Funny how these things come about 🙂

  2. This sounds like it was fun. I tried Zumba. Bad instructor and my bad back made for an excruciating experience. But I think it might have been a blast otherwise. Sadie is a show stopper, for sure! Too cute!

  3. Little dog is a cutie ! as to your earlier remark re safety pins and tassles … yes I would be running a mile too 😉
    Have great weekend Jo .. weather looking good as it goes on …

    1. She was joking, Poppy, as evidenced the Facebook photos, but she does like to play ‘games’. 🙂
      Wet and dreary here today but I confess to having had my share of excitement the last day or two and needing some ‘catch up’ time. Happy Easter, hon!

    1. Alternative! That’s me, Elaine 🙂 Always nice to be somebody’s alternative!
      Have you found yourself some nice Easter weather? Yesterday was glorious but we’re sunk in gloom today so I reckon it’s one for ‘catch up’. 🙂 Happy Easter to you!

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