Does this give you a warm glow?

Does this give you a warm glow?

It does me!  But I admit that a large part of that is memory.  I took it at Chatsworth House last year in the company of my daughter.  The visit made my Christmas special and I still feel a warm glow thinking about it.

I rarely see my daughter at Christmas but the lure of Narnia brought her to Chatsworth and I managed to meet her there.  That represents warmth to me.  How about you?

This is Lisa, 'keeping warm'

This is Lisa, ‘keeping warm’

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Warmth.”


  1. Being with family does bring us warmth and radiant glow in our hearts that brings about joy and lots of reasons to smile during Christmas and the many years thereafter. Thanks for sharing with us the warmth and love of the holidays.


      1. It was -2C today but it doesn’t get lower than that. A milder spell is on the way. I’d have to hibernate in Croatia. Good job your translating keeps you busy!


      2. You are right, Jo. I think I am happier when I am crazy busy – it does not leave me much time to think and analyse. Have a good, peaceful and warm night.


  2. Your daughter looks like the kind of girl who would fill a mother’s heart with warmth.

    This year I spent Christmas with all three of my daughters. One evening we had what my oldest daughter called “A Medieval Feast.” We turned off the lights and her husband lit an array of mismatched candles placed down the middle of the table. Then they served us a five-course dinner culminating in a delicious Yule log. They passed out song sheets so we could sing ancient carols between courses.

    Wishing you many warm and happy holidays.


  3. The table with softly lit candles is always a welcome site, but nothing feels warmer than the love of your children. Your Christmas time with Lisa at Chatsworth looks wonderful – can you believe a year has come and gone already? You must tell her how much I adore her teapot purse!


  4. Jo, yes …. that table is really inviting and I can feel the warmth that the room in itself brings too. Beautiful image and so is your daughter. Evening hugs …


  5. I am so glad your beautiful daughter and you, Jo, were able to get together a year ago at such a wonderful place, Chatsworth House. Lisa has such a beautiful countenance. I enjoyed this photo you shared, too.
    Warmth is candles and fires, along with the way you feel being close to family. Hoping you will have a chance soon to see Lisa, once she gets out and about from her snowy place. Hope you had some hot toddy or a warm cocoa to fill your insides and some warm people surrounding you to fill your soul with warmth, Jo.
    I am blessed to have been able to see my Mom for two and a half days, thanks for sending her kind wishes. I wasn’t on my blog since Tues. I came back to see grandchildren and children, then will hate to go off to work tomorrow for three 10 hour days: Groan!
    Hoping your new year will be extra special with many sources of happiness. I always add, wishes for good health, as we get older there is nothing so valuable a gift!


    1. Yes, nothing’s as good if you’re full of aches and pains, Robin. Thanks for all the kind thoughts. I talked to Lisa on the phone today and felt much better after that 🙂


    1. Thanks for understanding, Debbie 🙂 I nearly didn’t post this because it made me feel quite sad. I was talking to her on the phone not long since and they’ve got snow so she’s quite happy to sit inside and look out.


  6. 🙂 Looks at first glance to be warming, UNTIL one remembers that to be on display those candle have to be run on tiny batteries. No hot flame.
    Have a Happy New Year. We plan to travel a bit after New Year Day.


  7. No snow here Jo, though it tried for a bit this afternoon and I do believe it is all around me – it was a gorgeous blue sky, sunny morning too! I am hoping my warm glow from the south is keeping us snow-free 😉

    Now off to find a warm photo for the challenge, there must be one or two I can find…


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