Six word Saturday


Overwhelmed with wishes!  Thank you all!

I seem to've got myself in a hole at the moment!

I seem to’ve got myself in a bit of a hole!

You’ll be able to find out where on next Monday’s walk, but meanwhile I have some serious catching up to do!  I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has left comments on the blog in the past week.  I’ll be visiting you as soon as I possibly can.

I had a wonderful birthday, and the smile on my face wasn’t even seriously dented when my mobile phone made a bid for freedom from the bottom of my bag and swam off beneath the ferry!  It did, of course, provide much amusement for the other passengers.  I hope you’ll excuse me if I simply post a quick gallery of highlights.

Rounded off nicely with a stroll by the river

Rounded off nicely with a stroll by the river

Such delightful memories!  Here’s wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  I’m off to visit Cate at Show My Face and check out Six Word Saturday. See you soon!



  1. oh! mi spiace di non averti potuto fare gli auguri per tempo per il tuo complenno! 😦 ma penso che anche adesso andranno bene ugualmente, il tuo grande regalo lo hai avuto soggiornando in questi luoghi stupendi, e il tuo grande sorriso la dice molto lunga sulla tua felicità!
    Un grande abbraccio alla mia cara e preziosa amica Giovanna!!


    1. Thanks, Elaine 🙂 Sorry, I didn’t get around many of the 6 worders on Saturday. I’m still working on catching up. I think scheduling a walk while I was away was a bit foolhardy, but I had a brilliant time.


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