Jo’s Monday walk : Along the shore

Can you guess where?

Can you guess where?

I wasn’t sure what to post for this week’s walk.  I haven’t yet taken you to Nottingham and I know that many of you like castles and history.  But when this is published, I will be in the Algarve, and hopefully on my way to a Monday walk.  It seemed only right to take you along.

My favouurite kind of shell

My favourite kind of shell

The river beach on Tavira Island is rich with this type of delicate beauty.  It never ceases to amaze me that, no matter how many are taken home, there are always more to discover.  Come with me on a simple stroll along the beach and see what we can find.

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When you ride across to the ilha on the ferry, the river beach is where you land.  Often enough I loiter here.  There’s always a passing boat to wave at or admire.  I like to follow the shoreline looking for ‘treasure’.  There is a greater variety of shells on this side of the island, which seldom gets dashed by the Atlantic waves.

Looking back at Tavira from the river beach

Looking back at Tavira from the river beach



When I tire of looking, I head over the ilha to the main beach.  There are a number of sandy trails crossing the island- some easier to follow than others.  I sometimes get a little disoriented and wish I’d stayed with the main path, but eventually the sea always appears on the horizon.

Am I nearly there yet?

Am I nearly there yet?

At last!

At last!

Depending how hot the day, I may just choose to collapse here for a little while.  Down on the beach, someone has been creative with shells and two fish survey the world, just a little wearily. It is rather a warm spot to be out of the water!

Creative with shells

Creative with shells

Leaving behind the crazy fish, I simply have to kick off my flipflops and dip my toes in the surf. I know I’ve said it before but this beach really does stretch for miles.  You have the choice of simply returning to the river beach by following the sea wall, or you can walk along the beach till you’re ready to flop.  I’m sure you can guess which I’m inclined to do.

Fancy a paddle by the lighthouse?

A bit of a splash by the lighthouse?

The beach bar at Barril acts as a powerful incentive.  And there’s the beautiful Anchor Graveyard. Because sunset comes earlier at this time of year, this trip I may just manage those sunset images I’ve always coveted.  For now, I’ll leave you with a gallery I took last time I was here.  I think you can find your own way home?  See you there!

I’ll be back in the UK for next week’s walk.  Maybe we’ll do Nottingham, but we’ll definitely be walking somewhere.  I hope that you’ll join me.  If you have a walk that you’d like to share, it would be great if you could link to me, or leave a link to your post in my comments.  The details are on my  Jo’s Monday walk page.

walking logo

Time to share this week’s walks.  Kettle on and feet up!  Many thanks to all my contributors.

Drake has me singing again as I stroll alongside him  :

Here, There and Everywhere 

High fashion and shoes this week with Violet Sky  :

Shows who you are

Enjoy a change of pace and place with Cardinal  :

Berlin Street 0741

Sharing comes naturally to Amy.  Do join her and her delightful ducks  :

Jo’s Monday walk

A very special garden from Jude.  Enjoy it because it’s her last before she’s off to Australia!

Garden Portrait : Abbotsbury sub-tropical gardens

Dear Meg takes us to the Australian bush, on a serene walk with nature  :

The river road 4

Noe is back this week, playing with the children on their island paradise  :

Amazing journey to Rajuni Kiddi Island

Brilliant, aren’t they?  I hope you enjoyed them all as much as I did.  Happy walking!


      1. Sleeting today and then lots of heavy rain at least I will not have to shovel 🙂

        He made it through surgery but will not be himself for a few weeks so I will simply make him comfortable keep house and pets cared for and paint 🙂


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