Six word Saturday



A refugee on my bathroom windowsill!

A tiny leaf

A tiny leaf, wrenched away from its bigger brothers and sisters

Pretty, aren't they?

Pretty, aren’t they?

I like this shadow almost as much as the leaf

I think I like this shadow as much as the leaf itself!

The holly and the ivy

Can it be holly and ivy time already?

Conkers, anyone?

The conkers have already fallen

But how delicious are these?

But how delicious are these?

Are you enjoying this lovely Autumn season?  It passes all too quickly.  Come and share in the festival of leaves this weekend.  I’m sharing mine on Six Word Saturday.  I know Cate won’t mind.

What will you be sharing?  Whatever it is, I hope you have a joyful weekend.



  1. I went out and took some pictures, but haven’t done anything with them yet….sidelined for most of a week by an abscessed tooth.

    So happy to share your leaves. You have a knack for capturing them!


      1. Much better now! Almost done with the antibiotic, and a week away from the extraction. And my smile isn’t lopsided anymore!

        I’ve been scanning my Flickr, making a mental list of window pics to share…maybe not until December, since we’re getting very close to NaNoWriMo now, and I’ve got a bit over half a novel to plot yet, but definitely, there will be windows, and walks, and walks with windows…=)


  2. Autumn is more generous in your parts. I was at the botanical garden today again, thinking of taking pics for one of our future walks and in my entire walk I saw one red leaf and that was in a street close to my home, not in the botanical garden :D. Boa noite Jo 😉


    1. I do find myself peering at a lot of flowers and plants! Just fascinated by what you can see in close up, I guess. 🙂 There are such lovely colours right now- so soon to disappear!


    1. I like silly questions, Sue 🙂 A horse chestnut. What do you call them? And do you keep them in vinegar to make them shiny and play ‘conkers’ with them? Obviously not 😦 I’m told they’re good for keeping moths away too? Is that enough silly answers? Happy Sunday to you!


    1. Guy Fawkes, Mrs. M. 🙂 Why do you ask?
      I’ve seen a few of your comments as I flitted around blogland but not come to say ‘hi’. Meant to! How’re things with you?


  3. These are all gorgeous Jo! I love the shadow and the last one the most! Fall is my favorite time of year with all the variegated colors and mixed sun and shade. You really captured the fall feeling!


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