I’m lingering again!

Newcastle Rail Station gets a makeover

Newcastle Rail Station gets a makeover

I’ve not done too much lingering by windows lately, but a railway station is often a place for hanging about.  Usually I arrive at Newcastle-upon-Tyne by bus, so the recent improvements, blocking out those draughty spaces, have crept up on me.  But I like them.  A lot!

It's a piece of artwork, in itself!

It’s a piece of artwork, in itself, don’t you think?

And from inside the impact is even more dramatic.

Like most cities, Newcastle has its share of windows, in all shapes and sizes.  I was meeting a friend for coffee and we stopped to admire The Gate- a cinema and restaurant complex.

Could be my kind of film!

Could be my kind of film!

We rode up the escalator for a look out

We rode up the escalator for a look out on the street

I was very taken with this structure

And I particularly liked this structure

Not exactly a window, but you can definitely see through it.  Then Waterstones upstairs cafe delighted me.  A cafe in a bookshop- perfection!  But I did have to wonder about this window.

Is the bike for sale?

Is the bike for sale?

A little strange, don't you think?

I’d rather have a view with my coffee!

The Danish pastries were very nice though.  Quite a few people have asked about the green glass structure so I’m belatedly including a link with information on the sculptures in Newcastle.

Got to see which windows Dawn has been lingering by this week.  Click this link and come too?


  1. Wow!!! I didn’t realise that they had refurbished Central Station. So they’ve made the bit where all the taxis used to drive through squashing pigeons into an indoor area, which is a brilliant idea.
    I have a soft spot for Central Station, not only because it is beautiful but also because it was designed by John Dobson the famous architect who worked with another famous architect Richard Grainger (he after which Grainger Street and Grainger Market are named). As well as designing Central Station, Central Arcade, St Mary’s Place, Grainger Market and east side of Grey Street; John Dobson was also from North Shields which is where I’m from, so he is a kind of local hero. I’m sure he would approve of the ‘new’ central station, especially if he were to view it through your pictures. I like how you’ve used the arches as frames to photograph other buildings through, it really works well.
    I moved away from Newcastle about 11 years ago now so even places like ‘The Gate’, which I think I’ve been in once, seem somewhat alien to me, although I do like the tall glass art structure.
    And finally the “Emerson & Chambers” building, which I was just about to say how appropriate, but I think I’ve just realised; that you thought I was referring to this post when I mentioned the building. Ah ha, so this is not the only post which ended with my favourite building, don’t worry; I plan to leave a comment on that post also.
    Thank you for your wonderful perspective on what is and always will be to me ‘Home’, even though it has many new editions it still has retained it’s character. It has made me a bit homesick, but in a beautiful way. Thank you.

    1. It was only done this year, Mark, and I think it’s beautiful. I was aware of the Dobson connection and I love Central Arcade especially. Many thanks for the follow. It’s good to stay in touch with home, by whatever means, and I do my best to shout up for the north east. (though I also do my share of shouting for Portugal, which I love, and any other bit of the world I can get myself to 🙂 ) I love Scotland too so I’ll be following you around.

  2. I really can’t figure out the message of the bike in the window :D. That green glass sculpture cought my eye too – many thanks for the link, Jo 🙂

  3. You see so many interesting things when you linger, Jo! You should linger around in good intervals. Someone hasn’t taken down the christmas lights. Geez 😀

  4. Enjoyed this very much Jo. The juxtapositions of old and new are stunning! I am awed by the concept of the green Ellipses Eclipses Tower!

  5. Another great walk, Jo, and the windows and views from them are fascinating. Is there something special about the bike?I was trying to read what it said on the card next to it, but couldn’t focus it. I love he way you photographed the bus through the hole in the green glass sculpture. Very artistic. 😀

  6. Nice photos selection Jo..I really like the reflection on the windows, sort of informing what would you see inside 😉 Brilliant photo project..I have plenty windows photos and I am not sure what to do with it 🙂

    1. Glad you like them, Indah. If you want to join in this challenge you can post window photos any day of the week and link to Dawn’s ‘Lingering look at windows’ page. The link is right at the bottom of my post. 🙂

  7. It all looks very smart Jo ! Window cleaners are never out of a job here then .
    Bookshop + Cafe = Blissful times ..
    Lovely shots – somehow I think you’ll be treating us to more …

    1. It is pretty good. The silly thing is, Ann, that I don’t even know how long that green glass tower has been there. I must have walked past it before. I only ‘see’ things when I’ve got my camera in my hands. 🙂

  8. Wow! Stunning reflections Jo and what beautifu architecture! I can see why you lingered. I would have as well. 😀

      1. I bet! Just glad you had a great time sweetness. Have a great weekend as well. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

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