Six word Saturday


An old dog, and new tricks!

One of my old shots, given a new look

One of my old shots, given a new look

Superb effect, isn’t it?  I could bore everybody witless with this one but I think it’s SO clever!  You might have seen the photo on my Thursday’s Special, using the same technique?  It’s done by using a free download called Lunapic.  I think it’s absolutely amazing!

And another oldie, brought to life

And another oldie, brought to life!

The forecast is for storms this weekend so if you’re stuck at home, here’s something to play with. If I can find the time, I will too! Both photos are of Hartlepool Headland.

But first I need to visit Cate at Show My Face to play Six word Saturday.  Have a happy weekend!



    1. Every now and then I stray down that path, Paula, but so many people (yourself included) are more accomplished than me. It can get a little compulsive though 🙂

    1. Glad you like it, Dianne. Can’t wait to see the results. I still haven’t had time since I did my first 3 but I’ll love it on an idle winter’s day 🙂

  1. oh why did you share this Jo??? now I have to add Lunapic to the 1001 ways I distract myself from doing what I should be doing which is writing 😀 wonderful effects!

    1. I’m not one to play with effects normally, but this one really got me. Anything with water fascinates 🙂 Thank you so much for spending time with me today.

  2. Oh Jo, Jo, Jo! A monster has been created! I could have predicted that you would be playing with your newly found talent. These are great!
    Sorry I’m late, but after you crashed my blog (just kidding) with all of your fans, I’ve been busy rebuilding. 🙂 I love these photos! xo

    1. You wouldn’t be accusing me of being a one trick pony, Mrs. Weatherholt? 🙂 Guilty, as charged!
      I’ll come back and help with the destruction (oops, sorry,I meant rebuild!) of your blog soon. Thanks, hon 🙂

    1. I just discovered it this week, Eunice, and now it’s had FULL exposure, I guess I’ll have to rest it awhile. 🙂 I’ll play in private, if I can find the time.

  3. This is way too cool. Love the effect and of, course, your pier photo is my all time favorite. Glad you used it. I just showed this to Ron. We are at friend’s home in NC and it is raining. No walks today.

  4. I love the photos and especially the pier which reminds me of my childhood at the beach at Newport. I loved going up on the pier with my brother! This was awesome!

    Happy Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. WOW! Your water shots are beautiful all by themselves but those special effects are fabulous. I will definitely try to play around with the link. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Hi Dorothy! The weather’s atrocious here today so I’m catching up, sitting in the conservatory and eating cherries. I truly love water and I love this effect. I need time to have a play with some of the others on there too. Thanks a lot for your visit and kind words. 🙂

    1. Thanks are due to Amanda at Unique so Chic, Angeline 🙂 The link is on my Thursday’s Special.
      It’s brilliant. I need more time to play because there are other effects too.

      1. I love thunderstorms. Maybe it was the excitement on the fairly routine prairies as a child.
        Always fun to learn new things! Your blog so you can do whatever you like. Isn’t that great? Love the freedom to try new things.

      2. A lot of my 6WS people don’t read my other posts so it was aimed at them (and me 🙂 )
        I might get my wellies out and go jump in the puddles!

    1. Shades of ‘be careful what you wish for’, Jude! 🙂 I stood on the bridge at Durham for ages on Thursday afternoon thinking what super shots they would be with this effect. You’re safe for a little while but when I next do a Durham walk, beware!
      I don’t do much playing so you can indulge me a little? How goes the house hunt (or shouldn’t I ask?)

      1. I’m too busy trying to get some posts written, so play away as much as you like – I can see the attraction and I quite fancy having a go with the cube effect! Funny how blogging changes the way you view things isn’t it? I’m always framing photos now thinking how it would work in a post 😀

        House hunting on standby at the moment. I think we need to reconsider location. No rush, but I’m wary of house prices increasing and savings interest decreasing rapidly!!

        Hope you are weathering [sic] the storms! We are in the middle of one heavy bruiser right now, and woken in the early hours by a light show.

      2. I wondered where all your posts were! I’ve been over to look a couple of times. Pounding with rain but I’m in the conservatory, eating cherries. Almost virtuous 🙂

      3. Ah, cherries. We got carried away with cherries in Kent – selling them by the roadside. Now we are eating cherries from Herefordshire.

    1. Hi Pauline! Have you landed back at base again? Nice to hear from you 🙂
      I got Lunapic courtesy of Amanda at Unique so Chic. Don’t know if you know her- she does brilliant artie stuff? The link is on my Thursday’s Special.

      1. We are in Canberra house sitting for 3 months. Quite chilly at the moment. Not been this cold for years, we usually go north for winter. But wrapped well up I’m slowly acclimatizing.

    2. I’ve totally forgotten how Winter feels! 🙂 It’s warm and damp here- thundery weather.
      I’m hoping for sunshine in Paris next month, then it’s off to the Algarve in September. I’d better plan something else 🙂 🙂

      1. Yes I had forgotten that tingling feeling of cold inside your nose every time you breath and watery eyes, I am getting used to it and on the days the sun shines and the wind goes away it is refreshing.

        Enjoy your summer trips, I look forward to seeing your photos…. 🙂

      1. Oh, I hear that! Water is magical (as are ducks!), I could sit and watch it for hours on end… I guess that was bound to be the case, growing up on the Broads!

  6. It is indeed terrific, Jo … but I will be an old curmudgeon and say that I could get fairly sick of it if I found it on too many sites.
    Happily, it’s been only on Lisa’s and yours, so far !! 🙂

  7. Hello Jo – I came by to check on the walk for this week – just had to – and while here I soaked up the reflections in this post – and thanks for sharing the link – I will add it to my list to try later – and cool shots too. 🙂 hope you are having a nice week restless one!!

    ❤ ~y.

    1. Just briefly there, Ron mistook me for you, Viv! And I never uttered a word of poetry! I told him I was quite happy to swap for a day to brush up my skills 🙂

  8. What great shots Jo to use for these ! I feel all wibbly wobbly … or am I really looking in the mirror 😀
    Enjoy your weekend playing or otherwise !

    1. It could become an obsession, Poppy. I found myself hovering on the bridge at Durham on Thursday afternoon totally mesmerised by the river and the potential 🙂

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