1. Congratulations on your feature, Jo! I loved reading the answers to your questions. I didn’t know you couldn’t ride a bike! And being a dolphin ~ that doesn’t surprise me at all with your love of water. Love the picture of you and Mick. 🙂


      1. Enigmatic… I love that word too, Jo! Funeral arrangements are made. Today we’ll start making some order of the chaos that her house became over the last several months. I posted her obituary on Facebook this morning. I’ll post something on my blog soon too. xxx


    1. Thanks for finding the time to read it, Lynne 🙂 What a day that was! First we went to the wrong church! No wonder my knees were knocking when I did the reading 🙂


  2. What a treat! This gave me bits of your back-story I didn’t know and was written with your usual ease and flair. Good to have a full-length portrait of you, both words and picture.


    1. I’m feeling over exposed this morning, Meg! All this twirling around in the spotlight is going to my head. I wanted to come to the Sound and Light with you 🙂


    1. Missed you, Jill! I’d already headed for my bath when you joined us. I’ll be right over this morning. (to make sure the blog’s intact 🙂 🙂 ) I’m very grateful you pushed me into the spotlight. I think I like it there.


      1. ??? Not sure what you mean by that, inasmuch as it’s my personal pleasure to read your postings.
        I’d be a traveller too, had I the moolah.
        You can keep at it on my account, OK ? 🙂


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