1 Day 1 World Project : 10.00- 11.00pm

My favourite clematis

My favourite clematis

Just got time to squeeze this in, before another week takes over!  I wasn’t quite so adventurous this week, although it was another lovely evening and I would like to have been out and about.

I kept an eye on the time as dusk gently descended and just after 10.00pm, I went upstairs to look out of the back bedroom window.  There are a couple of spotlights in the garden that make it rather pretty on an evening.  Then into the garden for a close up.  It had rained quite hard at teatime and everything had a soft sheen.  Sorry I haven’t really managed to capture it for you.

And very close!

Who knows- next week it’ll probably be the cup of cocoa!  I can’t remember when I had one last.

What were you up to between 10.00 and 11.00pm this week?  Lisa would really like to know. Follow her project on this link.



  1. How beautiful, Jo. I’m glad I didn’t miss seeing your evening photos. And I must admit that I’m a bit envious of your longer evenings. It’s dark entirely too early in our latitude! 🙂


    1. Hi Debbie 🙂 Summer evenings are such a joy! I hate it when they start to shorten. I’m just playing with my 11-12 spot but it’s only 6.45 in the morning here. (last night’s work) Take care, hon.


  2. It’s so hard to take night photos, Jo, but you did an admirable job. I’m usually asleep at this hour! I kept meaning to participate in this challenge, but I couldn’t quite get my act together. It’s a fun challenge. 🙂


  3. Love sneaking out in the garden after hours … just star gazing Jo .. not particularly flowery here at the moment …. have never got the colour throughout the season sorted :-/
    ‘Tis a great project … gosh I don’t know how you keep up Jo … what’s your secret . Oh but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore 😉


  4. Lovely to see the secret night life of your garden, and it is an unexpected choice, with a different kind of photo.

    I’m feeling virtuous because I too saw 10-11, at last, last night: walking home in a crowd from the splendid light and sound fountain show. I’m never in the world that late.


    1. The gardens in Wroclaw (sorry, can’t be bothered to find my Polish alphabet keyboard 🙂 ) are a lovely memory for me. Dancing fountains and laser lights make me feel like a kid again. I shall come for a light show on your blog 🙂


  5. Okay, so you’re a professional gardener too! Is there no end to your talents, Jo? Beautiful photos and flowers!
    What was I doing between 10-11 pm…uh…sleeping, for at least 2 hours by that time. 🙂 I get up at 4:30 a.m., so I’m in bed early. xo


    1. I take no credit, Jill. The handsome half of our partnership does the garden. I simply admire 🙂
      Heck, even by my standards that’s early. It sounds like a lo-o-ong day! I’m yawning at the thought.


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