Six word Saturday


Have you climbed a vertical pier?

The Vertical Pier, at Redcar

The Vertical Pier, at Redcar



Its setting on the waterfront is quite dramatic

Its setting on the waterfront is quite dramatic at sunset

With only the windmills for company

With only the wind farm for company

And a boat or two

And the odd boat or two

But when the lights come on, there's a hint of magic

But when the lights come on, there’s just a hint of magic

Sadly I wasn’t there long enough to see it fully lit, nor to climb the tower.  At £1.6 million it hardly represents value for money, but it is definitely different.  Part of a regeneration programme to breathe new life into this North Yorkshire town, it’s not so much a pier as a viewing platform, with 360 degree views of Redcar.

Renamed the Redcar Beacon, following a public vote, the tower has free admission and cafe facilities on the ground floor.  What was I doing in Redcar?  Attending an open evening for a friend’s latest venture.  If you happen to be passing, say ‘hello’ to The Clock Gallery.  There are some great photos on show.

What are you up to this weekend?  If you have some spare time, why not visit Cate at Show My Face, and play Six Word Saturday?  Have a good week!



  1. What beautiful sunset views of the waterfront, Jo, and that pier is really interesting with its strange architecture and 360 degree views. Sounds like you had a fun evening all around. 🙂

    1. It’s a funny old place, Redcar, Cathy, and not one I would rush to show visitors. It sits side by side with a huge chemical plant which spews out filth into the atmosphere. They’re spending money to try to make Redcar more appealing but it never will be till the plant’s gone. Ok if you look in the other direction though 🙂

      1. Ah, it’s always too bad about those belching plants. I know they have to be somewhere, but certainly not where there’s anything beautiful. There should be special industrialized zones where all the factories congregate, so they don’t ruin our pretty views. 🙂

  2. Dazzling views and gorgeous photos, Jo. Almost looks like a short light house with outside stairs. Anything to get visitors and I understand. Am on a 3 week road trip which is including time with all the family at a mountain retreat. Building memories. I’m without internet most days. 🙂

  3. I’m still dreaming of those deep fried Oreos I read about from your link on Monday walks…I couldn’t climb the vertical pier after downing a few of those! I love your shot of the wind turbines, I know some people don’t care for them, but I like their aura of mystery. Ha, I guess the biggest mystery is how on earth they convert the wind into electricity!

  4. I like contemporary architecture, but this is a bit too futuristic for my taste Jo! But I can certainly sense the drama! 🙂 Great shots all.

    1. I didn’t have much time, Paula, and the sunset was fabulous a little later, but we’d already gone, taking our friends home. I would love to have lingered 🙂

  5. I have not climbed one my friend but thanks to you, it felt like I did. I would love to see the sunset from the top in person. I bet the view will have time freeze because of its beauty. Wishing you a great Sunday. Thanks for the kind comment. I can’t wait to join my family end of July. My real Summer begins then. God bless!

      1. Well – and loafing. We dined with my daughter’s in laws yesterday: large scale hospitality, the language challenge and a long walk through Pruszcòw parkland in the rain made me relish a sleep-in. I’m used to far more sleep than you.

  6. Looks like a helter skelter! More fun if it was maybe. Using OH’s iPad so commenting is a pain. Did visit Redcar years ago with my dad to the races there. I remember a pub where I had to go in to the ladies lounge! I was rather annoyed – I mean it was the 1970s not the 1950s 😉

    1. I’m afraid so, Andrew. Especially as most of the locals didn’t want it anyway! There was quite a furore locally. And it looks directly at ICI Wilton. Not the prettiest sight in the north east 😦

    1. Last time I was in the area they were still digging up the front street and parking was impossible, Ad. This time it was closed. I’m just not meant to get up there, but to be fair, the view might not be worth it. 😦

    1. I’m reserving judgement, Karen. There is a large chemical plant just out of the picture, which really can’t be disguised. The camera lies, you see 🙂

  7. anything free like this is bound to be popular .. imagining the queues in the Summer holidays .. I wonder if there are any statistics as to the number of visitors who’ve climbed it so far Jo ?
    A lot of money indeed , and of course there will always be people who will complain . Love your pictures Jo if was that way I’d certainly give it a go 🙂

    1. It’s been very controversial, Poppy. Just down the beach is a large chemical plant, burning brightly and polluting the atmosphere. Redcar is a bit of a sad old place, but they are trying to do something.

    1. To be honest, Colline, I’m not convinced that the view is something to get excited about. Redcar is very tattered at the edges and there is a huge chemical plant at yon end of the beach 😦 But they are making an effort.

  8. Jo it is very interesting indeed. I hope you can take us to climb it one day when you have more time. I am gathering the outside structure is just for show and not for the climbing part?

    1. As far as I can tell it’s just to make it pretty on a night, Sue. I might go back in a year or so, but I don’t see how they can ever disguise the petrochemical industry just north of there. 😦 The camera lies!

  9. But, the water reflections, sunset, clouds of these photos and the angle you took made the place look so much attractive. Especially the last one and #5 is a great shot.

    1. I’m reserving judgement on the view, Jill. Redcar is very rundown. They’ve replaced the seafront rather nicely, but just out of sight we have a huge petrochemical complex belching fumes into the air. 😦

      1. Ugh! I don’t do things in shells 🙂 Not much of a candy floss person either, truth be told. Waffles with jam and cream are a bit of a weakness but I can’t remember the last time I had one. (I’m lying- I remember the sinfulness vividly but it was a while ago)

  10. Well, let’s hope it achieves it’s purpose, Jo – I can’t say it’s beautiful, but being in an industrial area, perhaps that’s just as well – the light, and that etherial pier of wind turbines is beautiful though, so I’m glad of the walk. 🙂

  11. The Redcar Beacon looks amazing, Jo, but as you say the cost seems over the top. I wonder how much tourist pulling power it will have. Or how it will look in a few years time.

    1. It is pretty at night, but Redcar is a terrible-looking place, Tish, though I obviously shouldn’t say so! It desperately needs regenerating and from what I saw they’ve made a good start, but the High St which backs onto the front is not very inviting. They are right alongside a huge power plant too, which has been a blot on the landscape for years, and isn’t going any place any time soon.

  12. Not been there yet Jo though I do keep getting hints from Margaret 🙂 I think the pier is a bit ‘marmite’ and I stand on the side of , don’t like it. I just see it in five years time resembling a scrap heap, especially when the helix turns rusty due to a lack of maintenance. I do like the windfarm however 🙂

    1. Poor old Redcar has so little going for it with Wilton right alongside, David, belching out fumes. It does all look quite pretty on the seafront at night and I wished I had longer but we were driving friends home from the open evening.

  13. And the double helix (or whatever) staircase is super for stopping people driving each other bonkers as they go up or come down …

      1. I’ve tried twice now, and not had that link resolve. Is it because so many people follow your blog and they’re all clicking that link …?

    1. I doubt it, M-R 🙂 I’ve just clicked on it and it takes me through, no problem. Isn’t technology just frustrating? Suddenly I have my Comments emails back again, and I never did a thing!

      1. I eventually reached a page of it, after waiting for TWO MINUTES, but it didn’t say anything about the beacon ! And it was impossible to navigate around the site, as every link seems to be taking the same amount of time. They need a new server if we antipodeans are going to be able to view their site. 😦

      2. Sorry you’ve wasted so much time 😦 It’s just a local council website. The budget must all have gone on the ‘pier’. The locals were up in arms about the expenditure on the seafront when they have a huge petrochemical factory spewing out rubbish at the end of the bay and many of the houses are in poor condition. Priorities!

      3. Ah, so that’s the niggle. Many thanks, Jo: now I get it. I was wondering why the locals wouldn’t be tickled to death – but understand with your clairification.

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