Six word Saturday


Have you climbed a vertical pier?

The Vertical Pier, at Redcar

The Vertical Pier, at Redcar



Its setting on the waterfront is quite dramatic

Its setting on the waterfront is quite dramatic at sunset

With only the windmills for company

With only the wind farm for company

And a boat or two

And the odd boat or two

But when the lights come on, there's a hint of magic

But when the lights come on, there’s just a hint of magic

Sadly I wasn’t there long enough to see it fully lit, nor to climb the tower.  At £1.6 million it hardly represents value for money, but it is definitely different.  Part of a regeneration programme to breathe new life into this North Yorkshire town, it’s not so much a pier as a viewing platform, with 360 degree views of Redcar.

Renamed the Redcar Beacon, following a public vote, the tower has free admission and cafe facilities on the ground floor.  What was I doing in Redcar?  Attending an open evening for a friend’s latest venture.  If you happen to be passing, say ‘hello’ to The Clock Gallery.  There are some great photos on show.

What are you up to this weekend?  If you have some spare time, why not visit Cate at Show My Face, and play Six Word Saturday?  Have a good week!



  1. What beautiful sunset views of the waterfront, Jo, and that pier is really interesting with its strange architecture and 360 degree views. Sounds like you had a fun evening all around. 🙂


    1. It’s a funny old place, Redcar, Cathy, and not one I would rush to show visitors. It sits side by side with a huge chemical plant which spews out filth into the atmosphere. They’re spending money to try to make Redcar more appealing but it never will be till the plant’s gone. Ok if you look in the other direction though 🙂


      1. Ah, it’s always too bad about those belching plants. I know they have to be somewhere, but certainly not where there’s anything beautiful. There should be special industrialized zones where all the factories congregate, so they don’t ruin our pretty views. 🙂


  2. Dazzling views and gorgeous photos, Jo. Almost looks like a short light house with outside stairs. Anything to get visitors and I understand. Am on a 3 week road trip which is including time with all the family at a mountain retreat. Building memories. I’m without internet most days. 🙂


  3. I’m still dreaming of those deep fried Oreos I read about from your link on Monday walks…I couldn’t climb the vertical pier after downing a few of those! I love your shot of the wind turbines, I know some people don’t care for them, but I like their aura of mystery. Ha, I guess the biggest mystery is how on earth they convert the wind into electricity!


  4. I like contemporary architecture, but this is a bit too futuristic for my taste Jo! But I can certainly sense the drama! 🙂 Great shots all.


    1. I didn’t have much time, Paula, and the sunset was fabulous a little later, but we’d already gone, taking our friends home. I would love to have lingered 🙂


  5. I have not climbed one my friend but thanks to you, it felt like I did. I would love to see the sunset from the top in person. I bet the view will have time freeze because of its beauty. Wishing you a great Sunday. Thanks for the kind comment. I can’t wait to join my family end of July. My real Summer begins then. God bless!


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