A Tall Story


‘Tall’ is a relative, isn’t it?  Seen from the cliff tops in Saltburn, this offshore wind farm looks small and inoffensive.  Quite pretty, in fact, as the sunlight catches the blades.  Let’s have a walk along the sea front at Redcar, to take a closer look.


I used to hate being tall and gawky when I was at school.  Nor did I ever achieve tall and elegant in later life.  But I’ve always been tall.

So I do have a certain sympathy with Redcar’s Vertical Pier.  It’s far from elegant, but it’s tall and…. interesting, would you say?



If you were wondering what I did with the rest of my Monday, after my walk Through the Valley at Saltburn, the answer’s here.  I’ve long intended to climb the Vertical Pier at Redcar.  It only required a short detour, and you know how I like a view.

I’m hoping that Paula will enjoy it too.  She likes a little something different for her Thursday’s Special.  This week’s subject is Tall.


    1. It’s very close to shore in Redcar, Elaine. Impossible to ignore! You do grow accustomed and I think they have a certain elegance, but just how effective they are I’ve no idea.

  1. Well I never knew that you’re tall, from your photo I thought you’re tiny! I’m 5’6” and was considered tall growing up, but I think I’m going to start growing down soon 🙂 I like wind turbines, elegant things when well placed and your vertical pier is cool, the seaside sculpture is magnificent though and photo is perfectly composed, top marks girly 🙂

    1. There’s the rub, Pauline! The view I didn’t show is of ICI Wilton and the surrounding industrial chimneys. You can pretend it’s not there if you look in the other direction. It’s a very strange ‘pier’ to have spent so much money on when Redcar is an area of high unemployment. Sorry- sad facts 😦

    1. Not sure that the steel workers of Redcar are ‘pink’ people, Lisa. 🙂 Especially since the closure of the steel works and instant unemployment. 😦 It cost enough to feed most of them for life! But I like it 🙂 🙂

  2. I thought your walk at Saltburn sounded like full day so if it had been me a follow up nap might have been in order😴. I’ve never heard of vertical piers so this is interesting.

  3. I love that vertical pier, Jo!! And I’m sure you loved the view at the top; you and I are alike in that way — we can never resist a climb for a view. I hope all is well. I still haven’t made a final decision about the real estate… Argh!!! Getting ready to go to Texas/Oklahoma on Sunday! 🙂

    1. If you had a better offer, Cathy, you’d take it! Yes- all’s fine here thanks. 🙂 Lisa is coming for Easter so it’ll be nice to all be together. Have a wonderful trip! 🙂

  4. Jo, I suppose being tall is quite beneficial, since you may notice more things than shorter people, plus you can play basketball, which for us is almost impossible! A very nice tall story, I am smiling now!

  5. You’ve made me laugh and smile 🙂 I love the photos, the first one with windmill landscape is mind blowing, but this tower is so you :D. How tall are you, Jo?

      1. Is that 172 cm? (you are still 4 cm shorter than me, but I am not skinny – I wish I were – I would be lighter on my feet and knees :D). James is tall!

      2. 🙂 😀 in that case we would have fun on our hikes – I used to go only where goats go, also no balance at all, my falls vouch for that.

    1. It would be perfection if only it was, Sue! I like a bit of quirkiness 🙂 Thanks a lot! It was going to be titled ‘A vertical walk’ and having seen Tish’s entry I wish it was 😦

  6. The wind farm across the breaking waves looks quite spectacular although no doubt it’s daunting close up. Your photos of the vertical pier are beautiful – what a pink! And then you offer shadows and latticey patterns. Your supply of amazing places and photos is inexhaustible.

    1. The impact when I first saw them from Redcar seafront was shocking, Meg. They are clearly visible from our own seafront, some 10 miles or so away, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. Going back this time they didn’t seem quite so intrusive, so I must have got used to them. I thought I had a ‘close up’ from the Pier cafe window but I must have deleted it. Thanks darlin! I’m starting to feel a teeny bit exhaustible myself 🙂 🙂 How are the ragamuffins and is your cold better?

  7. Hey Jo, I like the spirals around the pier. Elegance is relative too, isn’t it? 🙂 I kinda think the spirals look like a helix, and read somewhere that it lights up. So there, elegant in its own special ways!

    1. It does! In the Vertical Pier link there’s a shot of it in evening light but I didn’t get full impact as we were heading home. We have a friend with a photographic gallery in Redcar and he has some great multi colour shots. 🙂

    1. I’ve ‘come to terms’, and an awful lot of young people are tall these days so I no longer stand out so much. Still not easy to hide though 🙂 🙂 Yes- they’re out at sea.

  8. I love it! How interesting. A sort of bonkers helter skelter. I am so glad you climbed it for me – I’m guessing there are no mats at the top to slide down on.

      1. Sharing pleasures increases them in value and good company makes it even better.
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos, you have a good way of looking at things Jo. _/\_

      1. Oh no, I reckon a good few days and more yet… I shall go stir-crazy soon, so thank goodness for blogging. In fact, the whole reason I took up blogging in the first place, so that I could remain in contact with the outside world when I couldn’t get out…

      2. And you do! By the way, one comment from you just flitted into my reader for a nanosecond, and has departed again, so I can’t answer 😦

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