A Tall Story


‘Tall’ is a relative, isn’t it?  Seen from the cliff tops in Saltburn, this offshore wind farm looks small and inoffensive.  Quite pretty, in fact, as the sunlight catches the blades.  Let’s have a walk along the sea front at Redcar, to take a closer look.


I used to hate being tall and gawky when I was at school.  Nor did I ever achieve tall and elegant in later life.  But I’ve always been tall.

So I do have a certain sympathy with Redcar’s Vertical Pier.  It’s far from elegant, but it’s tall and…. interesting, would you say?



If you were wondering what I did with the rest of my Monday, after my walk Through the Valley at Saltburn, the answer’s here.  I’ve long intended to climb the Vertical Pier at Redcar.  It only required a short detour, and you know how I like a view.

I’m hoping that Paula will enjoy it too.  She likes a little something different for her Thursday’s Special.  This week’s subject is Tall.


    1. It’s very close to shore in Redcar, Elaine. Impossible to ignore! You do grow accustomed and I think they have a certain elegance, but just how effective they are I’ve no idea.


  1. Well I never knew that you’re tall, from your photo I thought you’re tiny! I’m 5’6” and was considered tall growing up, but I think I’m going to start growing down soon 🙂 I like wind turbines, elegant things when well placed and your vertical pier is cool, the seaside sculpture is magnificent though and photo is perfectly composed, top marks girly 🙂


    1. There’s the rub, Pauline! The view I didn’t show is of ICI Wilton and the surrounding industrial chimneys. You can pretend it’s not there if you look in the other direction. It’s a very strange ‘pier’ to have spent so much money on when Redcar is an area of high unemployment. Sorry- sad facts 😦


    1. Not sure that the steel workers of Redcar are ‘pink’ people, Lisa. 🙂 Especially since the closure of the steel works and instant unemployment. 😦 It cost enough to feed most of them for life! But I like it 🙂 🙂


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